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Hi Experts,

This is my first blog post for the year 2021. I would like to share my experience on how the documents are collected Onboarding 2.0 & Integrated them to OpenText DMS.

There are significant changes in many organization's work policies, physical existence to virtual/ digital existence & remote working etc. due to recent pandemic situation.  In this context Successfactors ONB 2.0 plays a vital role in many organizations to Onboard people in simple way with organized process.

Many organizations with global existence have different Onboarding process which adhere the local country compliance policies

Now let us look into the requirement:

One of our Client has existence in more than 120 countries & they are collecting around 20-25 documents from each new joiner based on the local Govt. compliance requirement & store them in OpenText E-files. All these documents may not be appropriate to store in Employee central standard portlets ex: Reliving letter, Resignation letter etc.

Hence, we come up with the solution to store them in Custom Data collection step in Standard Onboarding process by creating custom MDF objects with multiple attachment fields & enable them to New joiner to attach the documents into it. Eventually we need to store them in different SF document categories associated with User Entity, only then OpenText can consume & store in OpenText E-files.

Below are the various configuration steps to achieve this.

Step1: Create Custom Object with Attachment fields

Step2: Create Custom Document Categories

Step3: Document Categories Assignment

Step1: Create Custom Object with Attachment

Please follow the below blog post which explains how to configure custom data collection ONB 2.0

In this Blog instead of creating the custom string fields, please create custom attachment fields as mentioned in the below screenshot

Based on your requirement please create multiple custom objects and assign them in the Onboarding data collection configuration based on Country/ region

Configure the business rule based on the region or country as per your client requirement.

Step2: Create Custom Document Categories:

OpenText can pick up the only the documents which stores in User Entity Document categories. Based on requirement if it is needed you can create the custom document categories via Manage Document categories.

Manage Documents --> Choose Filter Button --> Advance Filters --> Click on Manage Document Categories.

Here you will see all the Pre-defined categories & Entity details. Please check if you have enough User Entity type Categories to segregate your Onboarding documents, or if you need more you can create by clicking on + button

Step3: Document Categories Assignment:

We need to assign all our custom object attachment fields to appropriate document categories so that OpenText can consume them and store in E-files.

Go to Admin Center --> Manage Data --> Create New --> Attachment Field Configuration.

Repeat the below configuration/ entries for each attachment field.

Ex: cust_Attachment1, cust_Attachment2 etc.



Now the documents attached by the New joiner can be picked up by OpenText and send them to E-files and they can be access from Employee central.

I hope this blog helps the customers who has OpenText document management system integrated with Onboarding 2.0 & the customer who has existence in multiple counties.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this blog and please leave your comments, if you have any questions/ clarifications.


Manjunath BK
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