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"OKtoRehire" feature for Rehiring Inactive employees in Employee Central


Rehiring is an important ongoing aspect of HR activities. Based on the requirement the Organization Hires employees and when the need or demand gets over some of the employees will be Terminated and gets Rehired again when there is a demand for these resources, this is a normal practice in Manufacturing sector.

Upon termination of an employee, the 'OK to Rehire?' field will allow the selection of a Yes or No value.

Prerequisites for enabling this feature Okay to Rehire.

Check in the Data model if the Visibility of OkToRehire is not set as none.

In order to make the field gets updated only during Termination of an Employee we need to configure a Business Rule.

  • The rule should be triggered as an onChange event, in the "employmentInfo" element, on one of the fields that will display during the Termination process

  • The Base Object (and only parameter to this rule) should be Employment Details

  • The IF condition should be set to IF Employment Details. Termination Date is not equal to NULL

  • And the THEN condition should set the field OK to Rehire to be equal to YES

Notes: Do not configure this rule with "If = Always True" as the rule will not trigger correctly the 1st time. In addition, this rule is not applicable for Contingent Workers as the ECWK record is system generated when the work order is initially created.

Rule should be tied to Employement info in Manage Business Configuration


When No is selected:

When attempting to Rehire the employee via classic rehire, the following message will be displayed:

When attempting to rehire via Rehire with new employment, we are creating a new user, so the system will not check this flag from previous employment and will allow user to be rehired in the system.

When the error will be popped:

Based on the latest system behavior, transactions for terminated/inactive users with “Ok To Rehire” = No will not be saved.

When you click on “Save” after completion of Compensation Information portlet in the rehire process if there is no workflow.

When the final approver tries to approve the rehire workflow if a workflow is involved.

When Yes is selected:

The employee can be rehired using Add New Employee > Use this match feature.

The employee will also be available in the Admin Center > Rehire Inactive Employee for a Re-Hire.

  • The functionality of this OK to Rehire field is not configurable.

  • If you need to rehire an employee, who upon termination was set to "No" OK to rehire, then you must edit his previous employment record setting this field to "Yes" - only then can you rehire.

  • If you do not want to make use of this field it is possible to hide it by reconfiguring the data model. Visiblity must be changed to "none":

  • <hris-field max-length="256" id="okToRehire" visibility="none">
    <label>OK to Rehire</label>

  • NOTE: Do not manually disable okToRehire via Manage Business Configuration. If you do, it will completely wipe out okToRehire from the Data Model.

  • Once this field is hidden, the oktorehire value will default to "Yes" when terminating an employee and you will always be able to rehire employees.

So what benefit you get from this feature? There will be a control whom to be considered for Rehire again in future.
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