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You are using employee Central and you need to understand if is it possible and how to perform mass pay increases for employees.

Many companies adhere to a collective bargaining agreement that governs the payment of their employees. For example, after annual collective bargaining in an organization, the recently changed rates for each pay scale group and level need to be adjusted and updated on the People Profile for pay components and one time payments.

How to increase value for pay scale levels and structures for mass employees in  employee compensation.

Lets' discuss:



  • You have already created pay scale structures and assigned pay scales to your employees.

  • Permissions for the pay scale adjustments are in place for the admins.


  1. Export the previous pay structure. ( import and export --> Export data --> Select Generic Object " Pay Scale Level-Pay Component --> export all including dependency

  2. Add the new values for each pay component and pay scale structure based on tariff agreements and import back into the system.

  3. Configure all business rules required for adopting pay components and values in the Compensation Information portlet required for the PayScale Pay Increase process. Ensure that all the business rules start with the event reason change to trigger them in the system.Example:OnSave rule in jobInfo object with base object as Job Information Model

  4. Using the Adjust Employees' Compensation to Tariff Changes UI to ensure that the pay scale adjustment is effective for each employee . ( Goto--> Adjust Employee compensation to a Tariff change --> Create New--> Fill all respective fields and click on Submit, Once, our Tariff Changes run as been set-up, we can run the program in simulation mode  (select same event as configured in rule) or perform the changes using update mode.

NOTE: In order for the Tariff Changes program to work, the following IF statement needs to be added to the Create Pay Scale Assignment on Employee Update rule. (See rule example at the end of article)

After Teriff update, here how employee compensation history look like.

Hope the blog is Informative. Thanks for reading .

Best Regards,


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