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Manage Mass Changes in Employee Central

Introduction :

Mass Changes is a feature with in Employee Central manage changes to employees' job information and job relationships which can be based on Employee Group. With this feature HR Admins can efficiently execute changes to employees' attributes such as manager reassignments, or reorganizations affecting large numbers of employees in mass

The HR Admin defines a mass change consisting of:

Employee Grouping: An employee selection using a group definition tool similar to the one that are used for permissions.

The effective date that determines when the changes should take into effect.
The list of fields to be changed, including their new value.

The mass change definition can then be saved and initiated immediately or saved and initiated later. Initiating a mass change creates a background job that is scheduled for immediate execution. After mass change has run, a new status is set, dependent on the result. In the event of errors, the user can access a log to analyze the changes that failed.


From Admin Tools Select Manage Mass Changes:Select Create New

Provide the name of the Mass Change

Create a Employee Group for which this Mass Change will be applicable

Effective Date when this Event should be effectively dated

Area like Job Information , field name and New value

Currently these are the Areas for which we can create Mass Changes

Enter all the details 

We can Save it as draft by clicking on Save or execute by clicking on Save and Initiate. When we click on Save and Initiate it will show the number of employees this will get effected.

Once executed we can see the log as well.This tool is very convenient and easy for HR Admins to create and run Mass Changes for the employees'.
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