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With the announcement of a new SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting system, a few people got excited, some acted usual; and then there are people who've heard their colleagues telling stories of how they now have to work extra hours to compile progress reports every second day for their recruitment manager and department managers.

Well, you can't really expect your manager or department heads to get into each hiring request you're working on to look and compile progress.

In this blog post, I talk about live dashboards, recruiting managers and line manager would love, on their home page, to track the hiring progress and let the team of recruiters focus more on getting them the best talent for your their business.


Home Page Dashboard for
Recruiting Manager and Recruiting Specialists / Recruiters:


It's a Monday morning, you're about to step into a call with your Recruitment Specialists / Recruiters. What you're looking for in a quick catch up meeting is to precisely talk about:

  1. "Current Applicants" for all open jobs with their progress.

  2. What kind of talent pools you'd need for the "Upcoming Hiring Requests".

  3. "Recruiters' Workload Distribution" to plan for a few critical resource back-fill requests.

  4. Also, the increasing "Avg. Time to Hire" for some roles in line of business concerns you.

  5. You'd also like your specialists to look into increasing number of "Awaiting Manager Reviews" that are pending.

Without asking for time to prepare reports on all of the above. Each specialist is able to tap into their home page dashboard to:

  1. Summarise their "Active Requisitions" as well as categorise "Team's Active Requisitions" for the specialised hiring their up to.

  2. They can also view status of "Offer Approvals", "Offer Acceptance Status", "Current Applicants".


(Ref. 1.1)

(Ref. 1.1)


Home Page Dashboard for Hiring Managers

In addition to the above, the recruiting team doesn't need to worry about Hiring Manager following up to check on the progress any more. Therefore, listing the set of live dashboard for Hiring Managers to plan their hiring pipeline:

  1. "Open Requisitions" to show all the vacancies (department wise) in progress.

  2. "Open Requisition Progress" to show progress of each job in progress.

  3. "Avg. Time to Fill" gives avg. number of days it takes to fill a particular role. So, the business can predict / plan for the back-fill / new hires based on historic data.

  4. Details through reports like "Offer Acceptance Rate" and "Decline Reasons" helps business understand why they are losing talent over reasons unforeseen earlier.


(Ref. 1.1)

Things to consider while deciding your home page dashboard tiles:

  • You should be careful when defining the metrics to show on home page. Reports that show data from closed requisitions, candidate database might sound like a good idea initially. But, remember this data grows over the period; making the home page take longer to load.
    Bad user experience !

  • It's always a good idea to create a separate home page section like one showed below:
    It bring in a good user experience.

(Ref. 1.1)

Click here (Ref. 1.2) to open manage home page sections admin document by SAP:


Help Guides and Documentation:

  1. Find everything about tile based dashboards here:
    2338137 - Dashboards Guide / Training / Documentation / Implementation Request / Enhancement Request... (Ref. 1.3)

  2. You can refer Home Page guide by SAP to learn about "Role-Based Sections on the Home Page" (Ref. 1.2)



The key to hire the best talent is effective communication and active tracking. In this blog, I talk about the set of SAP SuccessFactors Home Page Dashboards offering active tracking of hiring progress and metrics that proves to be a game changer in making effective recruiting decisions.



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