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The learning Admin interface in SuccessFactors is currently supported by Flash Player in the below listed sections:

  1. Top Primary Navigation Menu

  2. Utility Bar

  3. Bookmarks & Recent Panel

  4. Learning Administration Home Page

5.Left Secondary Navigation(throughout the application)

6.Left Tertiary Navigation Menu(throughout the application)

7.Add New Item Wizard

8. Record Configuration

One of the user application page containing Flash is Organization Dashboard.

SuccessFactors is planning to transition the Flash related components in Learning Admin to HTML and order to achieve this, SAP has come up with a road-map on the whole transition.

Road Map & Transition

SAP calls the transition from Flash to HTML as - 'Flash Replacement Project' and also presented the road-map for the next 12 months.

The Flash Replacement Project is getting rolled out with 3 Major Milestones:

1st Milestone : The 1st milestone is not a code deliverable but is a guide that SAP has posted on the community page after multiple internal reviews. The guide is accessible now in Q1 2019 from the Community blog link below:

Intent : The whole idea behind this guide is help customers and implementation partners access the impact on the current business due to flash replacement based on which a transition plan - Change Management Plan can be developed. This is significant change which will impact the job aids, training materials currently being utilized.

The guide will also cover the new terminologies used in the application on the new Menu  and essentially the layout of the application  on on the 9 core learning objects:

  • User

  •  Assignment Profile

  •  Item

  • Class (Scheduled Offering)

  • Library (Catalog)

  • Curriculum

  • Coupons

  • Free of Charge Subscriptions (Subscriptions)

  • Purchase Order (Prepaid Account)

This will give the customers a preview how the application is reorganized. Example image of the new administrator image:

2nd Milestone : The 2nd milestone captures the actual generally available release of the new admin application as the terminology changes.The terminology changes are a part of a suite -wide effort to make the terms that are used in the application as well as user assistance & training material aligned across the Suite as well as within the other SAP Products with common languages so that the customers do not have to do this exercise twice.

Type of Release : The admin application without flash will not be an Opt-In feature.It will be released in such a way that both the old flash based-admin application and without flash will be running concurrently.So, a user who has access to Learning admin , will be able to navigate through both old and new path in order to give customers a timeline to plan the transition.

SAP will allow 2 releases where both applications will run concurrently before it plans to sunset completely.

3rd Milestone : This will definitely be the timeline of the removal of all flash applications from Admin interface.2 releases after the generally available release of the new admin UI, SAP targets to remove all flash.

Timelines : The release of the new Admin UI will be tied to the next half of the Quarterly release - Q3 & Q4 which is end of 2019.SAP also mentioned that the timelines are too aggressive due to the size of the Project , challenges and dependencies and we will be accordingly updated.

Note : The terminology changes will be made to the existing labels in the system, so when the new UI is released, existing labels will be updated in the old flash version as well like a regular quarterly release update.

In case a customer has made any customization to their existing labels, they will not be overwritten.

Next Steps : Based on the timelines and the impacts mentioned, all customers need to initiate the discussion of looking at the impacted job aids, training materials and start assessing the change to be enabled.

In my next upcoming blogs, I am going to focus on the terminology changes, impact assessment parameters to be carried out and PoV on the projects which are currently in the implementation phase.

Disclaimer : This blog is based on details shared by SAP and any change is direction by SAP will be applicable accordingly.

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