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This is my 3rd post on the Learning Admin Interface. While we covered the details on the changes in the navigation, in this part of the blog, we will focus on

a)Preparation of a checklist by Administration

b)Functionalities to be removed

c)Common FAQs

Let s look at the list provided by SAP on impacted functionalities and the course of action:

S.No# Configuration/Set Up Question If Yes, Take this Action Explanation
1 Is System Admin> Configuration> System Configuration> LMS_ADMIN> emailValidationEnabled set to false? Ensure all email addresses are properly formatted for the following:
·User> Email Address Assignment
·Profile> Contact Email
·Item> Contact's Email
·Scheduled Offering> Email
·Catalog> Contact Email
·Coupon> Owner Email
·Subscription> Owner Email
·Purchase Order> Balance Notification Email(s)
Since email addresses are used by the system to send email notifications, all email addresses on major entities will be validated when saving the entity in the new Learning Administration application.
Note that connectors will not be impacted.
2 Are you using Item> Ratings field? Enable user to rate items instead of an admin populating this field. This field has been deprecated and removed as the functionality is replaced by allowing user ratings. The intent of this field was to allow an admin to manually tabulate a rating based on learner surveys. Now that learners can rate the item, this field is no longer necessary.
3 Are any major entity related entity tabs hidden in System Admin> Configuration> Record Configuration? Check the current records configurations, take note of the entity tabs that are not visible and check for its respective workflows. Remove workflow from admin role to maintain it being hidden. Related Entity tab visibility in the new admin UI is controlled via workflow versus record configuration. The tab will always appear if there is not a specific workflow for that tab.
4 Do you have users with view only access? Be aware that they will now be able to view the value for Approval Process fields without needing the Search Approval Process workflow. Currently in view or edit mode an admin cannot see the value for domain, approval process, withdraw approval process unless they have the corresponding search workflow. In the new application, Admins will be able to view the Domain set on an entity without Search, Edit or View Domain workflow as long as they have the View Item or Edit Item workflow. The value will be read only when the admin is in either view or edit mode without Search Domain workflow and the admin will be able to change the Domain for an entity if they have Search Domain workflow. Note that a workflow is still required to view any custom column labels and values.
5 Do your admin roles, that can access reports, exclude the Search Reports workflow? Add Search Reports for admins with this role to access the Reports menu. The Search Reports workflow controls access to reports in the new Learning Administration.
6 Do you have number fields on an item with values greater than 99,999? (Length, Credit Hours, Contact Hours, CPE Hours, Min Registration, Max Registration, Registration Threshold, Gamification Base Points or Prep Time) Ensure that field values that exceed 99,999 are reduced to a value of 99,999 or less. Item 'number' fields will be limited to values 'blank' and 0 through 99,000 (whether decimal or whole numbers), except for the two fields: Initial Number, and Retraining Number, as they have special validation rules based on the associated Basis field selection. This change streamlines the validation messages to the administrator.
7 Are you using Organization Groups? Create an Organization Custom Column to manage grouping.
Limitation: An organization can only have 1 referenced value for a custom column.
This functionality is being deprecated.
8 Are you using User> Coach, Position, Resume, Prior Months of Service, Prior Years of Service? Migrate this data to the HCM platform. These fields have been deprecated as the functionality is replaced by managing users in the HCM platform.
9 Do you have administrator roles with a workflow that grants access to a related entity tab, for any of the 9 major entities, and that related entity tab is disabled via the System Admin > Configuration > Module Tab? Remove the workflows from the admin role to prevent admins from accessing the related entity tab. The new entity manager displays the related tabs primarily based on workflows and does not honor the Module Tab configurations.

There are functionalities which will be completely removed like :

Lets also check couple of common FAQs which could arise due to these changes:

S.No# Functionality Question Response
1 General Roll Out How do I access the old Flash UI once the new admin UI is released? You can access the Flash UI through Admin Tools> Learning administration Link and
access to new UI will be available through a new tile on the platform home page.
2 General Roll Out How long will I have access to the Flash UI? The Flash UI will be available for 2 releases after the new admin UI is available in
production or when a browser stops support for Flash, whichever comes first.
3 General Roll Out Is the new Admin UI an opt in feature? The new admin UI will be universal and will be available to all administrators with
Learning Administration permission in the platform without any special configurations.
The new admin UI is not an opt in feature
4 Deprecation of Features Where is the power search on the new UI? This feature is deprecated in the new UI.
5 Deprecation of Features Will native log in be supported for the new admin UI? The Native log in will be deprecated in Q3 2020 for admins and hence will not be
supported for the new UI. Note that native log in for external users will also be
deprecated in Q3 2020.
6 Flash Content Will this have an impact on any online courses that is levering Flash today? Will the courses still
work properly when you remove Flash dependency?
Content that was authored in Flash must be reauthored as browsers may not support
the content launch. As SAP does not touch any content owned by customers, customers
must work with their content authors
7 Admin Functionality Will the new UI support Proxy functionality? There are no changes to proxy functionality.
8 Admin Functionality What is supported in record configuration? In the new UI, configuring the order of related entity tabs and columns and the order of
fields are not supported.
9 Admin Functionality Is there any impact to reports? There is no impact to reports. The new admin UI will replace Flash technology in the
user interface, but the backend database that reports leverage is not changing.
10 Admin Functionality Are there any impacts to connectors? There is no impact to connectors
11 Admin Functionality Will the third-party integration configurations need to be redone with the new interface? There would be no changes to the API-based integrations.
12 Labels and Localization Will the labels which were customized based on customer preferences will be overwritten? Any labels that a customer has updated, will not be changed by the new UI.

The Phase 2 guide is yet to be published with more granular details on each of the functionalities. For more details, keep a tap on the Community link -

Disclaimer : This blog is based on details shared by SAP and any change in direction by SAP will be applicable accordingly.

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