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In release 1708 (Q3 2017) SAP SuccessFactors delivered a GAME CHANGER to the performance potential calibration grids (AKA Talent Reviews, 9 box placements, performance potential assessments). The ability to add a description to each "box" or assessment name within the calibration session was added. Throughout my years (8) of supporting the tool from the front end as a client, to my recent switch to a consultant (2 years +) this has been a gap when utilizing the calibration module. To assist managers, documents with instructional text were loaded to a share point and a link provided or emailed to participants. All were created from scratch and not integrated with the sessions and templates.

With this feature, the description is associated with the label, furthering the clarification of what the assessment rating truly means. Understanding the description and not just the rating label furthers the accuracy of the assessment. These types of descriptions also help managers who are in organizations that share talent review data with their employees. You may have a very hard worker rated high on performance but medium on potential. The description assists with the employee and manager discussion, giving the manager even more details to share and allowing the focus of the conversation to be on development conversation.

Below are instructions for enabling and adding the content.

Enable enhancement:

  • Admin Center -> Manage Calibration Settings -> Global Settings.

  • Select "Enable Fiori Restyling for Calibration" and click "Save".

Configure descriptions:

  • Admin Center –> Manage Calibration Templates –> Select appropriate template or Create a new template.

  • Within the template select Views and click on the tab with the 9 box (Performance/Potential) setup.

  • Navigate to the grid setup and find the “note” section. Add descriptions for the labels within this section.

Descriptions within sessions:

  • Once the session is activated, find the "i" (info icon) within the boxes.

  • The description will then appear for review.

Happy Talent Reviews!
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