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Problem with Job Profile?

Recruiter facing an error when save the Job Requisition, it says Job Profile name is not available due to Job Profile language is not updated:

What is reason for error?

The New translations added to a Job Profile will not be synchronized to existing Job Requisitions using this Job Profile.

Job Profile translations many times not updated, the Job Requisition will not have these translations. Translations for these Job Requisitions must be added manually.

Following are the Steps which I have performed to fix Translation error in Job Requisition, example language I have selected French(Canada):

1: For this Job Requisition I have selected Role "Engineer I" & "English-US & French-Canadian" in Language selected

2: This is the error Recruiters seeing while saving the Job Requisition

3:  Open Manage Job Profiles, click on Role "Engineer I"  click next. Then Choose button beside the Name field Translation icon and update the French Translation then click on "I'm Done"

4: After updating the Translation to Role still Recruiters will face the problem due to Job Profile will not be synchronized to Job Requisition.

5: Goto "Manage Data" in that find the "JobReqJobProfile" from the dropdown & Enter the error Job Requisition ID the job requisition number

6:  Click on "View Job Profile" button

7: Choose the Translations button beside the Name field using the "View Job Profile" button. The Name filed will load existing translations for this Job Profile. Click on Edit Button to modify the Job Profile

8: Click the Translations button to edit translations for the profile and update the missing Translation.


9: Save the changes refresh the page then try again to save the Job Requisition.


By performing above steps the New translations in Job Profile will synchronize to existing Job Requisitions and Recruiters can save the job requisition.
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