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In this blog post, I would like to discuss how Job-specific competencies appear in performance form. I would like to use the approach of back tracing the competencies when they appear on the form and then highlight why they appear and what all things are required to make them appear in the first place.

Here in this Performance review, we can see under Role specific competencies, three competencies are being displayed: Delivering High Quality Work, Driving Continuous Improvement and Working Safely. These were not added manually. Let’s try to reverse engineer and find out why they appeared in the first place.

  1. Let's check the setup of the performance form, we can see for section Role Specific Competencies which is of type Competency. Checkbox for Job Specific option is selected for section type. So it means, it's supposed to fetch job-specific competencies from the list of maintained competencies.



  1. Now let's check the Job code for the selected test user.

Position 50022014 assigned to the user and when we check the details of this position we can find the Job code 50070999 assigned to it.




  1. Now let's go to Manage Job profile content and check the role to which this Job code is mapped.

You may use ‘Manage Job profile content import/export’ to extract templates with data that can help you to find the role and job code mapping.



  1. We can see job code 50070999 is mapped to role ‘Management and Planning’ and for this role, we can see 3 Mapped Competencies.


These 3 competencies did appear on the Performance review form for our test user. This completes the loop. In the screen shot below , we can see the competencies on form and competencies mapped to role on two different screens just for the comparison.


In this post, I have tried to explain how competencies are connected to Job codes and in turn to the roles and families set up in Job framework. You may also refer to other

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