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In 1711 release, SuccessFactors introduced the functionality of workflow email customization. Using this functionality, we can trigger mass email communication to employees for different purpose.

We will use custom MDF & Workflow email customization functionality to trigger mass email. For my demo purpose I have used two different scenarios.

  • System unavailability due to Cut-over activity.

  • System unavailability due to SF quarterly release.

Let’s See how to configure it:

Step 1: Create Document Generation Templates.

Sample Template for Cut-over:

Sample Template for Release:

Step 2: Create Workflow Group. Here add the recipients to whom you want to send communication email. In the below group I have added two employees.

Step 3: Create Workflows.

Sample Workflow for Cut-over:

Sample Workflow for Release:

Step 4: Create MDF, the driver of the email trigger. I have created very simple MDF. Based on your requirement you can add other fields in the MDF.

Step 5: Create Rule to trigger workflow for different scenarios.

Sample rule: 

Step 6: Assign the rule in the MDF Save Rules.

All set. Let’s trigger mass email communication.

Go to Manage Data and create/edit the custom MDF record.

1st I am triggering mass email for Cut-over Activity. Hence from the MDF record drop down I am selecting "Outage due to cut-over." The drop-down was configured in the MDF ( Pick list).

Save the Data & it will trigger mass email.

Sample Email:

In the same way I have triggered email for system unavailability due to release.

Sample Emails:


So don't wait. If client wants offer this functionality to them.

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