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As announced by SAP, The 360 Reviews v11 version will reach the end of maintenance on November 18, 2022, and will be deleted on May 20, 2023. So it's high time to upgrade to the SAP SF 360 Fiori Version.

In this Blog Post, I will cover all the details about SAP SF 360 Fiori Version.

  1. what is 360 Fiori Version

  2. How to upgrade

  3. Exclusive Features

  4. Limitations

  5. How to Revert to the Old 360 version

  6. Summary

1. what is 360 Fiori Version

It is supported by SAPUI5 technology, offering you an intuitive and modern user experience. The application gives you a 360-degree view of employee performance that provides better insight for coaching and development and ensures accurate, effective, and fair evaluations. By upgrading to 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version, you can take advantage of the intuitive SAP Fiori UI design to boost employee engagement and accelerate talent development across your organization.

2. How to upgrade

Before upgrading to the 360 Fiori Version, make sure that you have 360 Reviews enabled in your system.

Navigate to Admin CenterUpgrade Center > Recommended Upgrades.

Filter by 360

Under Recommended upgrades choose 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version

Read the Description before upgrading and Click on the upgrade now

You are allowed to revert back to the old solution by either turning off the beta solution in Upgrade Center within 30 days after the upgrade.

Your  system is now upgraded to the 360 Fiori Version

After the upgrade, if you want to use the existing templates, you must update them in Manage Templates so that they can be compatible with 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version. The completed or in-process forms that were created before the upgrade aren’t affected.

Navigate to Manage Templates> 360 Form

Step 1: Click "Print list of changes". This is a mandatory step and will allow you to first print out and review all compatibility changes applied to your template.

In the 360 Fiori Version, some of the form template settings and form template elements aren't supported. Thus, when you validate and update the existing 360 Reviews templates for compatibility with 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version, you might get a validation message that says certain elements will be removed from the template.

Step 2: Click "Update and Edit". Most of the compatibility changes will occur automatically.

Step 3: Enter a new template name. Since this tool creates a copy of your existing template, you must provide a new name for your template to avoid duplicate naming. The description field is optional.

Step 4: Click "Approve for Launch." This will make the template available for you to launch from "Launch Forms".

Note: At this point, your form is technically available to launch, but given that it is a new template, you may need to make modifications to the route map, form template settings, or other configurations.

3. Features that are available exclusively to 360 Fiori Version.

  • Form autosave

  • Functions in detailed 360 report

  • Page breaks for PDF files of forms

4. Limitations

The following features are not available in the 360 Fiori version

  • Learning activity in the development goal section

  • Add to Outlook

  • Plain text for comments and custom element

  • Edit competency comments on the Signature Stage

  • Hide the Export button on the completed forms

5. How to Revert to the Old 360 version

You’re allowed to revert to the old solution by either turning off 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version in Upgrade Center within 30 days after the upgrade.

Please note the following before you undo the upgrade:

  • After reverting back to the old solution, you can continue using the forms created using 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version, but these forms won’t be changed back to the old UI. In addition, the new templates created in 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version are locked by the system and can’t be used anymore.

  • The forms and templates that are created before the upgrade can still be used.

6. Summary

The Latest Fiori version has an improved UI with a User-friendly interface. It provides a more detailed output report.

Please be informed that on November 18, 2022, the 360 Reviews v11 will reach the end of maintenance. Therefore, It is necessary to be conversant with the Latest 360 Fiori version. I advise Users to begin planning their upgrade to the Fiori version.

Please leave your queries and challenges in the comment section. I will be happy to help and address them. Please like the blog if you find it useful.

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