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****NOTE: All the screenshots are taken from Sales Demo Instance****

As a SuccessFactors Administrator, we do create Positions from "Manage Position" option in SuccessFactors Application. While creating Position, we have an option to select "Effective Start Date" of the Position. Let's assume we create a Position called - "TestPosition1" on 18th June, 2020. However, we have set the "Effective Start Date" of this Position on 1st Jan, 2021. In the Position object, we only see effective start date but we do not see on which date Position is created. Also, in database position creation date is not stored. Even in Advanced Report or Adhoc Report there is no field which can fetch Position Creation Date. We have only option to fetch Effective Start Date of the Position in reporting framework.

Possible Workaround to get Position Creation Date via Advanced Report :

NOTE: Advanced Report can only be configured for Employee Central (EC) Customer, for, Non-EC customer, Advanced Reporting will not be available.

"Creation Date of the Position" is the effective start date of the oldest position history time slice (while the field "Created Date" in each time slice only stores the date when the respective time slice was created).

This means, the only way to provide this date in reporting is to consider all time slices and then to select the oldest effective start date.

Unfortunately we don't have optimal methods to derive this oldest effective start date; however, there is a workaround:

Step 1: Home > Reporting > Create New Canvas Report > Drag and Drop Table View Based Published Data Component in Canvas Report

Step 2: Right Click on the Component and click on Edit Query > New Pivot Query > Select Advanced Report as Data Source

Step 3: Go To Advanced Reporting > Employment > Take the "Global Job Information" as driving table > Select the required columns from Global Job Info table.

Step 4: Expand the Global Jon Info Table on right hand side and scroll down > Fetch Position Table > Join the position table twice: In Query, under "Objects" Tab > Click on the Square blue box on Position Table > Click on + button to duplicate the Position Table. Select required columns. Mandatory select "Effective Start Date" from Second Position Table

Step 5: Go To Date Option > Click on Override Date Option

  • First Position table join with date option = Current Date (this table is dedicated for deriving current position attributes)

  • Second Position table join with date option = Show All

Step 6: Click on SAVE and Click on Return. It will return back to Pivot Query (Query Designer Tab)
Create a Pivot table

  • Take all position attributes from the First position object that you would like to see in the report as "Rows" in Pivot.

  • Take the field "effective start date" from the Second position object under "Measure" and apply Pivot Function "Minimum" (this means the "effective start date" is the "Creation Date of the Position". You can change the Pivot Measure Name to "Position Creation Date"


Step 7: Click on SAVE and OK.

Conclusion: Several admin users must be interested to know exactly on which dates positions are getting created. As position creation date field is not available to store value or to fetch in report, we can fetch position creation date in advanced report pivot query by applying the above logic. You will not get vacant positions in this report but only positions with an incumbent.
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