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We all know that in Employee Profile (EP) there was a standard background portlet for Internal Job History which used Employee Central Data from Job Information & showed in the Employee Profile Portlet but after the introduction of People Profile (PP3) this standard background portlet was not supported anymore. SAP suggested some workaround for that as per KBA 2381592 (this KBA has been removed now). There were many organizations who were using this “Internal Job History” portlet voted for the influence request to incorporate it in People Profile also.

In 2H 2020 release SAP has incorporated similar functionality in People Profile & in this blog we are going to discuss the relevant configuration steps for this newly incorporated functionality in People Profile.

Configuration Steps:

Step1: RBP Permission set up: Below mentioned permissions are required for the configuration.

Manage Employee Files:

Internal Job History View:

Job History View:

Employee Widgets Access:

Rule Configuration access:

Step2: Create a Business Rule with Scenario “Internal Job History” - In the rule we can configure what event reasons will show in the Internal Job History Portlet in People Profile. Really flexible!!!!

Rule Scenario:

Sample Business Rule: In the sample rule we are considering 5 event reasons.

Step3: Configure People Profile: In the People Profile configuration add a new block for Internal Job History. Here we can add which fields will be available in the portlet. Also we need to assign the rule (created in step2) in that people profile block configuration. Sample configuration below.


** Make Sure latest EC Event Reason Picklist is updated in the system.

All Set. Let’s see the output.

*** Kindly Note :The portlet is not designed to be a replacement for Job History, but a summary view.


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