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Background: In this blog post I will discuss how to trigger integration using integration centre and Intelligent service centre. My client has a requirement to send information of First Time Manager when identified in EC to a SFTP server whenever person becomes Manager for the first time. New Manager is updated with reason as Data change in Job Information. This information is required by third party applications and other applications like LMS.

We can achieve this by using Integration Centre and Intelligent services centre. This concept can be used to trigger other integrations as per business specific requirements.

Below are the configuration steps for achieving above requirement

Step 1 Import business rule of First Time Manager using import and export data.


After rule is imported successfully it will be visible under publish rule in Intelligent service centre (ISC) under First Time Manager.


Step 2

Now we will create the integration in intelligent services centre. Select the integration as highlighted below


Select Create New Integration and give the name of integration and add the fields.


Once integration is added and fields for manager are added in the integration centre it can be saved with option as when event is published as shown below.

You can click on the Arrow mark and select view in integration centre to view details of integration in integration centre


Integration name and fields can also be seen in Integration centre with fields after it is saved.


Fields that I have added in integration centre are Sequence Number, Start Date, Direct Manager, Event Reason


Step 3: Assign the Rule to the Succession Data Model. The same can be done from “Manage Business Configurations”. The rule needs to be added on “onPostSave” Event Type.


Now you can test by updating the employee who do not have any direct report. Assign him as a manager in Job information for reportee with data change event reason.

Step 4

In integration centre Once SFTP setup is done you can select run now option and execute the run of First Time Manager.

In SFTP you can provide details of path for which this file needs to be updated.

Go to Execution Manager dashboard it will show status of integration run successfully.


File is successfully written to SFTP and it can be picked up from SFTP and uploaded in third party system.

Execution Log Details


I hope above blog post is helpful in understanding how to use intelligent services centre to trigger interface using Employee Central to other systems using sftp.
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