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This blog will help you to configure the Integration between Success Factors Recruitment Management and Qualtrics Candidate Experience.

In today’s corporate world, a streamlined recruitment strategy is extremely important for the organization to reap benefits of hiring the best candidates, faster assimilation into the organization, and improved brand image in the industry. Today, many organizations suffer from poor recruitment processes which

  • prevent them from attracting the right talent,

  • effectively engage qualified candidates,

  • hire fast and

  • ensure a good candidate experience.

One of the first steps that an organization needs to take in order to improve its recruitment strategy is to identify the recruitment bottlenecks and red flags. A survey can serve as an excellent tool to analyze the end to end recruitment process and deliver actionable insights.

Scenario: When the candidate finishes his/her final Interview then an email should be triggered to the candidate anonymously to understand his/her experience so far with the organization and the recruitment process.

Step 1: Login to SuccessFactors - Integration Center- Under My Integration

Select Entity: Job Application

Select all relevant fields which are required for analysis in Qualtrics and it will be considered as metadata. For eg: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Organization Information, Email etc.

In the filter section, specify the condition when the job should run e.g. in my scenario this job will run after First interview which is the final interview in the process.

In the next section, provide Destination Settings which includes SFTP details.

Please mention File Extension as CSV, as Qualtrics system will read the CSV file. Provide right folder names, custom file name and SFTP Host Address with User name and password. You can connect any SFTP system with Success factors system.


Save the Integration.

Next, go to Intelligent Services Center (ISC) to schedule a job for a sequential process. In this you need to create flow of Recruitment Integration which we have created under integration center.

In the search events box - type "Job Application" and select Update of Job application Status.

Under Job Application Status - click on Integration, you should be able to see your created Integration.

Add Integration and Save the Flow.

Now we need to create the automation configuration in Qualtrics and map the SFTP file so that system can read the candidate data and then trigger email to candidate. In Qualtrics, we will create two automations in contact directory. One for contact import and another for import distribution.

Before creating automation in Qualtrics, the first step would be to create relevant survey.

Question can be text, multiple options, tabular form etc. To make survey interesting for the participants, you can put text questions at the end. Also, frame questions in a way that you can easily capture candidate's emotions.


Text Questions can be used for sentiment analysis in Qualtrics.

Once your survey is ready with all questions, look and feel, and survey flow conditions, publish your survey.

To capture candidate's responses anonymously, copy link from Survey Options and paste it into the message.

To create automations in Qualtrics - Click on directories - Contact directory - Under Automation - Click on Contact Import Automation. Map Data fields and select SFTP as Import File.

Once Contact Import Automation is done you have to create sperate survey distribution automation. Select your survey which you have created to capture candidate experience.

Now both the automations are ready. The moment the candidate finishes his/her interview, an email will be triggered to the candidate after Qualtrics automation run. Candidate can provide survey responses anonymously.

To learn more on Qualtrics, please visit Qualtrics Page




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