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In this blog series, I will cover the integration of Qualtrics survey in SuccessFactors applications. In this blog-Part 1, I will cover on how to embed Qualtrics survey in SF recruiting application submission page. In the future blogs, I will cover on integrating Qualtrics survey in SF performance forms and how to send employee data to Qualtrics.

I know we all have been waiting for this integration for quite a long time and its finally here. Employee/Candidate experience is on the top of the list for key company strategic initiatives but if we don’t measure it, we don’t know how it is being perceived by the stakeholders. I know many companies do collect these feedbacks via email but you can now integrate the surveys directly into the application via these standard delivered integration. Users can now provide feedback directly after they complete the transaction and you can collect feedback and insights so you can plan on improving their experience. Let’s jump right into step by step configuration and how you can quickly deploy to production. I will divide the configuration steps to be performed in both SF & Qualtrics systems clearly so it will be easy to follow (Paying it forward – SCN community)


SuccessFactors Configuration:

Enable Qualtrics feature in Provisioning:

Enable Qualtrics experience in Admin Center(Upgrade Center):


Wait for few hours ( Literally – Not kidding!) after this step, otherwise you have to spend countless troubleshooting and let your gray/white hair grow more like I did ?.

Setup permissions:

  1. Assign permission category in Configure Object Definitions:


  1. Assign permission to view Qualtrics integration (Manage Permission Roles):



Qualtrics Configuration:

Create website and App Feedback project:

Create a creative (pop over):

Create an intercept and embed your survey:

Do test your intercepts and the survey before you embed in SF applications.


SuccessFactors Configuration:

Embed Qualtrics survey via Manage Qualtrics Integration:

In this blog, we will embed the survey in the recruiting application page, the survey will appear right after the candidate click the apply button. Enter the Intercept ID and the intercept URL from the Qualtrics website and app feedback project.


Fun Stuff:

Now that we have configured the integration, lets take this config for a test ride. BTW, what you see in this blog is a sample survey question and you can create your own questions in Qualtrics.

Search for a job posting and click the apply button:

Qualtrics survey will appear as below:

Job Application Survey:


I hope you all can implement this new feature and improve our end users experience. Please share your comments and feedback. Thanks!
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