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In Integrated SF LMS Implementations the first step is to set up the Integration of SuccessFactors BizX to SuccessFactors LMS. This Article focuses on How to integrate your SuccessFactors BIZX Environment to SuccessFactors Learning Management system. To Integrate SF LMS with SF BizX suite you need to perform the following steps –

  • Logon to Native LMS instance as an administrator.

  • In Learning Administration go to System admin-->Configuration-->System Configuration --> BizX Configuration --> Set the following property to true to enable the BizX Learning integration


  • Change the BizX Server URL Example as follows-


  • Set the value for the BizX company ID

successFactorsCompanyID= Demo. ( Replace Demo with BizX Company ID)

  • Set the IDP URL with company Id


metadataProviders.IDP1.value=metadataProviders[IDP1].value=    <---Provide the company id here

  • Now Logon to provisioning go to company ID of the instance you want to integrate to the LMS

  • Go to--> Service Provider Settings --> Authorized SP Assertion Consumer Service Settings

  • Choose Add another Service Provide ACS. Enter the values as follows -

           Login URL - <LMS URL>/saml/SSO

Example --

           Logout Url:  <LMS URL>/saml/SingleLogout

Example -

  • Now Go to Company settings -->Company settings

  • Select the checkbox Enable SuccessFactors Learning Integration.

  • Populate the field SuccessFactors Learning Integration URL with the LMS hostname


  • Populate the field SuccessFactors Learning Integration API URL with the LMS host name.


  • Save.

  • Check if the following services are enabled:

SF Web Service

DocSearch Web Service

User Web Service

The two SFAPI features

  • Logon to BizX as an administrator

  • Go to Admin center --> Manage permission roles

  • Under User Permissions, select Learning and the Learning Access Permission.

  • Under Administrator Permissions, select Manage Learning and select the Learning Access Permission.

  • Choose Done. Save

  • Go to Native LMS Instance and logon as an admin. Create admin with default learning admin role. Please remember to use the same user id as Biz X.

  • Now Logon to BizX --> Manage permission group --> create a permission group with learning administrator user & assign Learning administrator group to the above role.

  • You are all set. Now navigate to learning & learning administration.

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