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Hello Folks,

There are several solutions already available over internet world, which are being developed with the help of Integration Center (IC). In the same series, i am also presenting the solution which creates the results with the blend of IC and SF- Reporting capabilities.


One of my clients has requirement where they want to see ‘Performance Management – Comments by others’ somewhere on ‘Succession Talent Card’ (please refer below snip) so that Talent admin may see comments made by others for those successors who are either already nominated or added as new successor.



Solution Approach-

Since there is no standard solution available in SF for this requirement, so i raised enhancement request on this LINK but also thought of trying various ways to develop some custom solution just to keep my client ‘delighted’ rather saying ‘no solution provided’ :). Eventually, i got opportunity to put forward a successful attempt for you all.

Though, there may be many ways by which we can develop the required solution but my curiosity on SF capability allowed me to developed something with the assistance of Integration Center.

I initiated this to develop with unsuccessful attempt of creating SF-SF integration (More Integration Type) where i was not able to map and capture the required fields output correctly so i dropped this idea and tried another successful way of doing this.


My conclusion depicts - While developing this solution, i haven't included all technical steps like how to create Report, Schedule report on SFTP server, create Integration in IC etc but i am ready to communicate if anyone wants to know.

I am writing this blog with the notion that this solution approach must provide insights for whom, who wants to see the concept, execution of concept and final outcome.

Hope you like this concept !

Thank you,


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