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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share one of my experiences with the document generation tool of employee central. When you have a customer from multiple countries and legal entities and have a similarly structured document template. They want these documents to have some pictures changing regarding employees' job information data.

In this case, usually, you have to create document generation templates for each condition and as a follow-up activity, you have to duplicate your employee self permission role for each condition that is available for inconveniences to occur on your permission role structure on your further modifications.

I found a solution to this situation to set pictures or logos automatically when an employee generates the document. Let's look at it!


Step 1: Upload pictures to the document generation server via creating a new document generation template and note the link generated for that picture.

Step 2: Create the rule

  • Go to the "Manage Business Rules" menu and create a rule with a basic scenario and the type of "DocumentGeneration". The base object must be "Document Mapping Rule Result".

  • Add the parameter "Job Information" with code "jobinformation".

  • Choose your if conditions and set your then section as follows(The link used should be the one you noted while you were sending pictures to the server): "Set Document Mapping Rule Result.genericString1 to be equal to /welcomePortletImageUpload/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

Step 3: Add placeholder to source code of template as follows:

You have to use the structure of a normal picture you add documents but the link should be set by the rule so we just edit that part as the example below.

<p><img alt="" src="[[EXAMPLE]]" style="height:15%; width:35%" /></p>

Step 4: Create the mapping for this placeholder from the "Manage Document Template Mapping" menu.

Step 5: Grant necessary permissions to employees to generate the document.


Best Run Company has different legal entities and they launch the option to generate work details documents for their employees. Since the document will be referenced by regulators it should have the logos of legal entities.

Employee JCOSTNER:

Works for BestRun Company (1710).

Employee 200005:

Works for BestRun Canada (4500).

Logo of BestRun Company:

Logo of BestRun Canada:

Step 1: Uploading the Pictures

BestRun Company logo URL generated by the system:  /welcomePortletImageUpload/6c6e3bc6-1bfb-4906-a1c7-ba531dcc983c

BestRun Canada logo URL generated by the system: /welcomePortletImageUpload/dc528092-e9c4-4b3d-a02f-dc418d6238ef

Step 2: Rule definition

Step 3: Document Generation Template

Before adding the placeholder:

Source code changed from:

<p><img alt="" src="/welcomePortletImageUpload/6c6e3bc6-1bfb-4906-a1c7-ba531dcc983c" style="height:31px; width:119px" /></p>

<p>This document proves that employee&nbsp;[[NAME]]&nbsp;works for our company.</p>

Source code changed to:

<p><img alt="" src="[[LOGO]]" style="height:31px; width:119px" /></p>

<p>This document proves that employee&nbsp;[[NAME]]&nbsp;works for our company.</p>

After adding the placeholder:

Step 4: Mapping


Document generated for JCOSTNER:

Document generated for 200005:


Thanks to document mapping via rule we can set pictures according to certain conditions expected by customers.

Last but not least, I would appreciate it if you could provide your feedback, and if you have any questions feel free to meet me in the comments. I have just started to share my knowledge on SuccessFactors if you want to hear more follow my profile!
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