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After facing a tough time searching for any written material for a specific kind of project requirement, I thought of posting this Blog, so that it helps anyone else facing a similar kind of requirement.

Requirement -A certain amount of payment needs to be automatically generated for the employees on their work anniversary.

The complexity of this requirement was that the service anniversary amount should be generated every year and not just on the first anniversary and for different groups of employees depending on their grades, the entitlement amount was different.

The employees should not have to claim nor enroll for this amount, but it should be automatically generated and  processed in their payroll in the service anniversary month every year.

This is how I went about  meeting  this requirement-

  1. Create a Nonrecurring pay component of type - Is Earning

2. Create a benefit Plan of type Reimbursement to generate the pay component for the service anniversary benefit.

Please Note that we could not use benefit Type Allowance here , as Allowances are not integrated to Non recurring Portlet.

Remember to enter Enrolment required as "No" and trigger as the Hire Date

3. Create an eligibility rule.

4. Assign the Eligibility rule to the benefit that you created in Step 1.

5. Log into the Provisioning system and schedule the service Anniversary job to run daily.

How does the Service Anniversary Job work-

The service anniversary job will identify the frequency assigned to the benefit, Then depending upon the annualization factor assigned to the Frequency, The job will trigger the automatic claims.

In the above Frequency, an annualization Factor of 1 has been assigned.

Based on this annualization Factor, the system will identify all the employees who have completed one year in service and trigger the benefit for them.

To trigger the service anniversary every year, you will need to create different plans with different frequencies.

The drawback of this method is that, if the oldest employee in your organization has completed 50 years of service, You might need to create 50 different plans (One-time Effort) with different frequencies assigned to the plans.

But the Plus point is that this method works without any error and any manual intervention needed.

Below is a table providing you with the frequencies to be configured for the specific number of years(1 divided by No of Service Years).

Before you run the job, remember to update the RBP permissions for the newly created pay component.


Annualization Factor 0.16, For 6 years' service

An example of the email -Generated after the benefits job has been completed.

Once the Job has been completed successfully, you will see that the pay component has been generated in the Employee Non-recurring portlet.


As as result of the Payroll integration the above generated pay component will be integrated to the payroll system and every year the employees will receive the service anniversary payment automatically.
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