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Employees may have different phone number/extension combination if your business has multiple locations. It is time consuming to find work location phone number when you enter business phone for an employee if you have the business has over 100 locations. You can make your users life easier with a simple business rule to copying business phone from work location in to the employee contact info.

In this example, the employee has no phone record however the business phone is always same as the employee`s work location phone number. With a simple business rule, the business phone number will be populated from work location as soon as the user does select Business phone type. The user just need to enter the extension.

Here is how to do it:

First, create a new business rule with Base Object ‘Phone Information’:

Navigate to Configure Business Rules`in Admin Center and create a basic rule,

Write the business rule as below;

Trigger it as onViewand onInit in the phoneInfo element.


This simple business rule can help to reduce user errors when entering data and save time. The rule can be expanded to different phone types such as fax which is always same for the location.
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