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During a recent Onboarding implementation project, it was discovered that there is a limitation with mapping Job Code Entity (JCE) picklist fields from Recruiting with a HCM Picklist field in Onboarding.  Unless the field type in ONB is a String, the Setup Onboarding Integration tool doesn't allow JCE field to be mapped to a HCM picklist field from ONB.

This is most likely due to JCE fields (ie..FLSA Status) on the Requisition template having a standard 'jobCode' field type and not a 'picklist' field type even though it is defined as a picklist in the Job Classification object. Please refer to screenshots below as reference.

JCE field configured on Requisition template:

JCE field is a picklist type in Job Classification object:

JCE field is displayed as a picklist field on the Requisition template:


The issue with mapping the JCE field as String field type in ONB, is that the picklist option ID value is sent to ONB instead of the picklist external code or label. The picklist option ID, as you may know, is a numeric auto-generated value, which is not consumable in ONB (reporting, viewing of PDF forms, new hire export, etc...).

The alternative option involved creating a custom picklist field on the Requisition and have a recruiting user manually update the field, which would compromise the recruiting user experience and also defeat the purpose of using JCE fields on the requisition.   

Fortunately, with the confirmation from SuccessFactors Support, there is a way to send picklist external codes or labels for JCE fields from RCM. SuccessFactors Support has acknowledged that this is an interim solution until enhancement is made in the future (release TBD).  It is not a "clean" solution but it gets the job done for now and since this workaround solution is not documented anywhere, I thought this solution would be helpful to anyone working on a RCM-ONB implementation where JCE fields are being used and mapped.

Below are the steps for sending/storing picklist external code or label values instead of the picklist option ID values for JCE fields mapped between RCM and ONB.

1. Go to Onboarding > Settings > Data Dictionary, locate the field that will be mapped to the job code entity field from Recruiting (ie..job code or FLSA status). Click on Edit button and choose String for Type. Click OK.


2.  Go to Admin Center >  Setup Onboarding Integration to do the initial mapping between RCM and ONB.  Choose the appropriate Job Requisition template and find the Onboarding Field that was updated to String field type.  In the drop-down under Recruiting Management Field, choose the associated field to be mapped. Repeat this step for any other JCE "picklist" fields or any other Job Requisition template. Click Save button.

Performing this step establishes the mapping or link between the JCE fields in RCM and ONB.


3. Now, go back to Onboarding > Settings .> Data Dictionary and Edit the field(s) mapped above. Change Type to SF HCM Picklist and choose either Code Based or Label Based (based on client requirement/preference), then choose the appropriate SF HCM PickList Name. Click OK.

Changing the field type from String to HCM Picklist in ONB will cause the mapping in Setup Onboarding Integration to switch to 'No Selection'. This can be misleading or confusing at first glance, but not to worry, as this is expected behavior for this workaround solution. The fields are still mapped "behind-the-scenes", but as picklist type (not String) and the field values sent to ONB from RCM will be picklist external codes or labels.


4. The final step is to test the mapping by Initiating Onboarding for a candidate from Recruiting.  Once candidate is sent to Onboarding, you can validate that the correct values were sent by creating an Advanced Report in Onboarding.


Note: It is important all RCM-ONB mapping is in a finalized state because any changes to the Setup Onboarding Integration tool will cause the picklist external code/label mapping to "break", which will then require repeating steps 1-3 above. This can become an issue if you forget to perform these steps again after making changes to the RCM-ONB mapping..



Abe Jimenez
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