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This blog explains how to map Address field for Emergency contact from Onb 1.0 to EC. As SAP deprecated the Address field from Emergency Contact section, there is no Address field available for direct mapping. (If you want to know how to configure Emergency contact Information panels and map with EC, check the KBA )

We have the panel designed for emergency Contact details in Onboarding is as:

Fields available in Primary Emergency Contacts of Manage pending hires are:

When you try to map the Address field with EC, only you will get the field list as below:


Step1: Map the Emergency Address field as Primary Emergency Contact >> Biographic Information >> Addresses >> Address 1


Step 2: Login To provisioning and select on Import Export for EC Integration Template from Manage Recruiting section and export the EC Integration Template


Step 3: Search for the EmergencyAddress1 field code which we mapped in the mapping tool.

Step 4: Change target code for Address1 field as

<target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#].homeAddress.address1.home" variant="" country-code=""/>

Updated code will look like :


Step 5: Upload the updated file in the Import/Export mapping field template for EC Integration.

Navigate an employee through Onboarding process and check in the Manage pending hire for mapped Emergency Contact Address fields.

This code also send the values to EC if you maintain 2 or more emergency contacts in onboarding.


You can use below code for other fields in the same way.

Country/Region: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#]" variant="" country-code=""/>

Address1: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#].homeAddress.address1.home" variant="" country-code=""/>

Address2: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#].homeAddress.address2.home" variant="" country-code=""/>

Address3: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#].homeAddress.address3.home" variant="" country-code=""/>

City: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#]" variant="" country-code=""/>

Zip/Postal code: <target refid="emergencyContactPrimary.[#]" variant="" country-code=""/>


I hope after reading this blog post, you will be able to mapping the emergency contact address from Onboarding 1.0 to EC.

Please provide your feedback in Comment Section and I will try to improve and incorporate your suggestions.
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