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Source: SAP

With the shift to cloud, the way we learn is changing

Source: SAP

We expect to learn on the job.

Research shows shift in learning; shift towards online learning and on the job training

Users want training within the application

Millenials rate training as a job benefit

Source: SAP

Need to learn continuously

Source: SAP

Technology changes at a rapid pace

Organization needs to provide training continuously

Training users on a tool such as SAP Ariba is not about user interface, but they need training on the process

Educate users about the right skill and behavior

User interfaces are more user friendly

Training needs to be provided "faster and faster"

Source: SAP

"Cloud is changing game"

Today keep learning everyday; skills become obsolete at an alarming rate

Employees need to learn skills and this gives them the ability learn new roles

They do not want to go to classroom training

Source: SAP

A blended learning approach - in product learning, in context

Want to share knowledge with peers - digital social learning

Expectation is high

Companies need to provide training to learners with high expectations; can't do it in an old-fashioned way

Source: SAP

SAP's solution is Enable Now

Create, manage, deliver learning

Can deliver formal classroom training material

Can build learning-based training, connect to e-learning

Challenge is to keep providing users with continuous learning; contextual and on demand performance support; do not need to leave the application.  How build it in a fast way?

Source: SAP

Different outputs from one recording; can perform simulations, test scripts, context training, offline demos

Templates allow users to use one template

Multiple language support

Source: SAP

Ways to deliver learning - LMS, application menu, videos, integrate with business, test scripts, etc.

Key is availability of learning; key point of retention

Many do not know how to access training today

Less than one click to access content

Desktop assistant with the Gui

In Fiori, web assistant is available in one mouse click

Source: SAP

Provide embedded content within the application so users have access with 1 mouse click, to increase adoption, processes

Recent study shows only 16% have implemented a training program for the digital transformation

Source: SAP

7 steps for a successful learning project

Source: SAP

First step is to define learning strategy

Engage key stakeholders, assess learning culture, existing sources

Source: SAP

Mobilize team; a network of teams - involving many teams

Source: SAP

Content is not just built by the training experts

Source: SAP

Producer is for the author

Instant producer is to create content quickly

Source: SAP

Analyze the needs

What formal learning is required

Still push training to the user

Source: SAP

Build micro learning, so it is built when needed to increase knowledge retention

Source: SAP

Build in an agile way, build by layer

Source: SAP

Instant producer can be anyone

Producer develops, QA and Edits

Deliver and publish via platform, and other ways

Manager evaluates

Source: SAP

Integration is key

Source: SAP

Blended learning - people learn differently

Training is dynamic

Source: SAP

Embedded learning is critical

Source: SAP

How are users performing?  Optimize learning by monitoring

Source: SAP

Provide delta training, compliance training


What do you think?  I like the idea of instant producer
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