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How to delete data using Employee Central Imports?


Is it possible to remove any data of the Employee Central Portlets as Mass? The previous solution was to Full Purge import the Dependents for the employee or group of employee's, which is a very time consuming task to perform.

Data Deletion using Employee Central Imports

A brief overview about how we can utilize the employee data import process to delete employee data from the system.

Employee data is so crucial in any Organization and maintaining employee data is a resource intensive process. Similarly, deleting employee data, whether electronic or physical, is a consequential process and must be dealt with utmost importance.

Reasons for deleting employee data can be purely subjective. It may be due to incorrect entries or invalid data, data which can only be inserted but not updated in the system and so on. Although the solution provided by SAP SuccessFactors helps to import and maintain employee data in the system, we can tweak the same solution to delete employee data selectively or in bulk.

Deleting Employee Data with a Single Entity

Selectively remove employee data imported into the system with a specific entity.


HRIS elements of Employee Central entities that support country-specific templates are configured to add fields specific to a given country through Business Configuration UI.

With Employee Central Imports, we can delete employee data such as:

  • Job History

  • Personal Information

  • Email Information

  • National ID Information

  • Address Information

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Compensation Information

  • Global Information*


Requires Centralized Services as a prerequisite.

The import file templates for one any of these entities can include employee data to be added, updated, or deleted from The system. However, at any given moment, the import file template can’t contain information to add and delete at the same time for a given employee, except when we’re importing National ID Information. With Centralized Services, this rule is extended to all the entities, including National ID Information imports.

To delete and add data for the same employee, we must create two separate import jobs. Before proceeding further, we must be aware of certain requirements, possibilities, and inherent system behavior associated with deleting employee data.

Points to note for deleting employee data

For deleting compensation information:

  • Provide the sequence number of the employee records in the import file template.

  • We can prepare the import template to delete data associated with multiple employee records.

  • We can prepare the import file to delete existing compensation information and at the same time add new compensation information for a given employee. In such cases, after the import job is completed, the system automatically links the recurring pay component associated with the existing compensation information with the new compensation information.

  • When we are deleting compensation information with a given employee record, the corresponding recurring pay component information is also deleted from the system.

  • For deleting job history, the import file template must have the Company column to ensure a successful data import and avoid validation errors.

  • For deleting global information, we must enter DELIMIT under the corresponding Operation.

  • For deleting email information, phone information, or national ID information, we can choose between DELIMIT and DELETE under the corresponding Operation

The recommended option would be using the DELIMIT operation.

Deleting Employee Data with Multiple Entities

Collectively remove employee data imported into the system with multiple entities.


Verify that Enable Compound Delete option is enabled in Provisioning. This setting is required to download the required import file template.

Since several Employee Central entities are consumed in the employee data import process, deleting data entity wise can be time consuming. SuccessFactors facilitates deleting employee data imported using multiple entities using a template specially designed to serve the purpose. With Employee Central Imports, we can delete employee data associated with the following entities:

  • Job Relationships

  • Pay Component Non Recurring

  • Addresses

  • Email Information

  • Phone Information

  • National ID Information

  1. Download the import file template for the Compound Delete

  2. Prepare the import template with data to be deleted in the system.The User Id/Person Id External column must contain identifier of the employee record and HRIS Element Id column must contain the entity identifier.

  3. Upload the template updated with the data to be deleted the system.

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