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How to create an On- Boarding Checklist using SF Presentation which can be shared to New Hires.


Introduction: When we are not using Success Factors On-Boarding and if we would like to update all the New Hires with the  On Boarding Activities and New Hire's Manual;l which they need to go through and complete,we can do it using Success Factors Presentation features. Presentations is a feature in Success Factors to create Presentations either Power Point, PDF or Live Profile and share it with the employees or groups intended.

Permissions needed:

Enabling the tile:

Manage Home Page > Presentation Tile

Select it under desired section, since here the presentation is for New Hires from HR so adding under HR Information section. You can choose the section depending on the content of the presentation and audience you intended to share with like My Team etc.

Once we enable above steps Presentation slide can be viewed in the Home Page under desired Section selected.

How to create Presentations:

Once we click on the Presentation tile we will see as below.

My Presentations- The ones you have created

Shared with me- Presentations shared to you from other users.

We can see other options Archived, Discard and Create New Folder to keep Presentations based on the content and Audience.

Once we click on + we can start creating our Presentations, we can give our Presentation a name.

Once we click on the option we will get the following options from the drop down list.

Upload Power Point or PDF slides- We can upload any existing Power Point or PDF documents created already

Add a Live slide which can be added from live recording of any content from EC.

Uploading the PDF or Power Point Presentation

Once you upload the Power Point click on icon

Add slides to your Presentation and it gets saved.

The Presentation can be shared with an Individual or a group created for New Hires.

We can create a Group for New Hires and share to the group.

We can share the Presentation to Individual employees as well choosing the name.

We can send an Email notification as well.

We can provide permission to edit the Presentation from the check box.

Once the new Hire login in the Presentation tile we can see the On Boarding Activities Presentation

What else can be done?

The Presentation shared with Person can lock it and unlock it for editing purpose.

Printing the Presentation

The employee can click on the Presentation that was shared and available to him/her and go through the content.


The standard Presentation feature can be used to share the required information the employees in the organization need to go through, this can be shared between the team and whole Organization if something like Chairman's voice to be shared across.
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