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Hello Readers,

I am really happy to share the below solution on controlling the field visibility of Custom MDF objects using Role Based Permissions for users.



As a process, the Employee should submit the expenses incurred during the month. The manager and Accounts team are the approving authority. They shall validate the expenses. During the process, an employee should not get to see the approved amount or remarks added by Approval authorities.

The above scenario can be linked with any other example too.



  • To control the selected field visibility for Employees, Managers, and content.


Steps to Configure this Requirement


Step 1: Create an MDF object and add the fields as per your requirement.

1.1 Configure Object Definition >> Create New >> Object Definition

1.2 Manage configuration UI >> Create a UI >> assign it to an object.

Please find an example below for reference.



Step 2: Visibility of fields in MDF objects can be controlled using the "Role Based permissions" >> "Field Level Overrides" Feature.

  • Let’s Provide permissions to Employee Role.

Select Employee Role >> Miscellaneous Permissions >> Search created Object.

Now as given in the screenshot below, Click on Field level overrides and select the fields from the drop-down which employees should not get to see, and from the permission drop-down select “No Access”

This is how employees will see the portlet in his/her profile. Due to granted limited access, employee roles can see selected fields.


  • Let’s provide permissions to Manager Role.

In the Object, I have added a few fields for the Accounts team that the respective team should have permission to view. Here I have added related field access to the Manager role.

Select Manager Role >> Miscellaneous Permissions >> Search the Object.

Please refer to the screenshot given below as an example.


After adding the permissions to the Manager role, the fields below will be visible to Reporting Manager from the respective employee profile >> Reimbursement Portlet.



With the help of this post, you can achieve the above-mentioned requirement.

Please take note that the screenshots I’ve posted to the blog are from the demo instance.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section on the above-mentioned strategy, and let us know of more such customizations possible on the SAP Community, you can also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and read other blog posts on the topic.

Thank you for your time, for greater exposure, kindly like and share the blog.

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