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In the past few years rigorous computations and handling trillions of GB of data have helped machine learning to get adjust to more challenging and testing scenarios and deliver real close human-like decisions. The figures are quite astounding if you look at the use and rate at which we are using the machine learning to deliver quick and smart solutions both at industrial and enterprise level. The list of artificial intelligence that we use today is humongous for example the self driving cars, relying on reviews prior buying a product on Amazon, eBay, Netflix, management of brand or product reputation and user engagement on social media etc. the list is infinite.      

This is one reason that in 2017 many tech giants like Baidu and Google have spent more than $20 billion on Artificial Intelligence. Most part of this hefty amount was spent on Research and Development and Deployment. In addition various industries like the telecom, financial services, automotive industry, retail etc. are few examples that have started adopting AI in their operations. Machine learning trends certainly dominates major portion of investment these days and because of it we are seeing the German software giant SAP’s endeavors in this field.

From 2010 to present SAP has invested more than $50 billion in innovating and driving creativity in artificial intelligence to make it easy for the enterprises to cater to their every growing business needs. At the SAP Sapphire Now Conference in 2017 SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott talked about the company’s future course of action regarding expanding the capabilities of Leonardo (SAP’s innovation system). In a keynote at the Conference McDermott explained that they are moving ahead to integrate machine learning in Leonardo, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technologies, big data etc.  

SAP’s recent intelligence upgrades to the SAP Cloud Platform are aimed to apply skills to the present SAP applications like HANA through Leonardo. In bringing forward the innovations and digital transformation initiatives SAP has also unleashed few new recruiting tools for businesses across the globe.

"What is SAP Doing with Machine Learning?

As globally known, SAP is the leading software corporation that has the reputation of building software to streamline business operations and customer relation for corporate and enterprises situated worldwide. Now SAP is planning to integrate AI to offer “intelligent” business solutions that think of the future. This is quite innovative as it will curb down the human intervention in making a lot of decision thus empowering enterprises to be ready with data that will help them to make reshuffle in their planning and deployment. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation that uses SAP’s cloud platform offers plethora of things to the documents SAP users like:

  1. Ready to implement intelligent services like service ticketing, vpn services and machine learning building blocks based functional services such as natural language processing, tabular and time series, to detect, pattern recognition, recognize, predict and classify utilizing the pre-existing data of a business.

  2. To allow the existing business applications leverage the SAP platform for fast and hassle free integration of machine learning into the ongoing and existing business processes irrespective of the line of business.  SAP deploys services to 40+ industries and 12+ lines of business so the core business data that machine learning require exists in SAP system and that is going to streamline and speed up deployment of prognostic and machine learning insights into business application and its processes.

  3. To build a larger customer base and deliver more value in business offerings with the help of strong ecosystem of partners and developers using SAP.  

  4. SAP Clea- This is SAP’s intelligence system that they have embedded in their Cloud platform. SAP Clea powers Leonardo that is to equip enterprises with intelligent solutions. SAP Clea combines machine learning enabled enterprise applications like the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Services and Cloud Edition with the SAP Cloud Platform that offers services and tools pertinent for machine learning.

What Makes SAP Unique?

There is a very thin line between SAP business applications deployed by customers and the SAP machine learning solutions. Customers witness positive results from embedding machine learning in Apps. Automation knowledge work can benefit every business and machine learning opens that door. With the help of SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics automation even the business analysts can step into projects that generally require highly skilled data scientists. When machine learning techniques and automated predictive analytics are used together with business data the user can create models, prepare data and manage deployment through templates and workflows. With the help of SAP smart business solutions, enterprises are making business process more profitable and spotlighting new mediums of carrying out business and exploring new growth opportunities. For example:  

  1. With SAP’s AI integration in enterprise applications the clothing brands are now identifying unexploited business opportunities with their customers and running what-if scenarios on forecasted sales. With the help of machine learning models, clothing business brands can find out that a customer who purchases a particular shoe are more likely to buy a running jacket if they are provided with a $15 coupon. Thus the clothing brand can send the coupon to the shoe buyer and suggest a jacket and be a part of the shoe and jacket upsell campaign.

  2. With the help of SAP’s AI integration in enterprise applications a cable company is now able to recognize customer related problems like probability of churn, propensity of purchase and prospective credit risks. Because now the companies have better understanding of customer issues there is a 28% reduction in customer churn.

  3. SAP’s artificial intelligence solutions helping banking institutions identify hidden risks and have helped them stop 60% of fraudulent transactions with the help of application of machine learning to its business data.

Why SAP Is The Tie that Binds Machine Learning and Business Apps?

The irony with other machine learning solutions is that they find it hard to deeply integrate with the business applications and don’t have ready-made connection to business data. On the other hand SAP provides innovative tools, ideal platforms and applications for machine learning across various industries and line-of-business. The fact is that without firmly coupled integration, the machine learning solutions cannot bring insights and actions required for the improvement of business outcomes.  

As Forrester states,”This certainly puts SAP in a very advantageous position to build tools that let the business users with no data science knowledge to use data-scientist created models in applications”. SAP’s innovative enterprise solutions offers data tools that enterprise data scientists expect but at the same time it offers notable automation tools to train models.
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