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A SAP consultancy came to us recently with a conundrum. 

One that we’ve come to realize is common across the industry. If you’re a SAP consultant, there’s a good chance you face it too.

Our client, an SAP consultancy based in India, wanted to measure the productivity of their team. 

Nothing too surprising there. 

But, here’s the kicker: they only wanted to do so when their consultants were working on client work.

On a typical day their consultants spend roughly four hours on client work and four on internal tasks. 

Like any good company, they had a focus on productivity. 

More precisely, they were interested in measuring productivity when their consultants were working for their clients, not the full usage of the SAP app throughout the day.

Up until this point, the consultancy relied on a single SAP windows application to connect to multiple client interfaces. 

Hardly efficient. 

And entirely lacking the productivity insights required.

By default, our productivity software Insightful measures the use of websites and apps. But, in this scenario this didn’t cut it. Even more precision was needed to segment SAP app usage by client and company work.

Once we got the request from the consultancy, we got to work. Even our CEO and founder Ivan Petrovic was on the case.

Our team designed special SAP-specific functionality that enables the SAP consultancy to segment and interpret the productivity of their consultants based on client and internal work.


With this customized, SAP-specific use case, the SAP consultancy can now, for the first time, accurately measure the productivity and efficiency of the client work they deliver.

The flow on effect is an increased ROI, better allocation of resources and, most importantly, greater client satisfaction.

And it turns out this consultancy isn’t the only one with this need.

Since building this SAP-specific feature, we’ve heard from other clients in need of the same functionality. And, so now we’ve made it available to all SAP consultancies.
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