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Hi Folks ,

This blog post is to share a personal experience working on a Performance Management issue where under Manager Performance form Enroute or Completed Folder , an inactive Employee form/Incorrect Employee who is not the actual direct report PM form was appearing.

This will definitely help our SF PMGM Consultants to fix the issue without deleting the form as there are few condition following which PM form deletion is not allowed for specific number of years as per Data retention policy.

Problem Statement : To remove the incorrect employee Performance form from Manager’s Performance form Enroute or Completed Folder without deleting the form.

Note :

  • Data in the screenshot is not real data ,it is taken from Sales demo instance.

  • You cannot remove visibility of a document from a user if the document is currently in that user's inbox. This feature only works with documents that are En Route or Completed for a user. If the document form has never reached the user's inbox, the user will not receive a copy of the completed form by default.

Before proceeding with the steps please ensure you have Admin permission to perform any action.

In our scenario Michael Pittman is the Employee whose Performance form is coming incorrectly in inbox of Manager Mohan Kumar ,below is the screenshot for the reference and to visualize .We have to remove this PM form without deleting it.

Form id ie Document Id is 32701


Follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  1. RBP Permission :

  • Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > Select Role > Permission >Administrator Permissions> Manage Documents > Manage Document Visibility.


2. Once you are set with above permission Then to hide the form Navigate to Admin Center >              Manage Document Visibility.




3. Visibility can be removed in three ways as below ,which can be seen in above screenshot as               well.

  • by User : Can be used when we want to use userid of Employee to locate the form .

  • by Document Id : Can be used when we have the Document ID of the PM form . (This should be preferred)

  • by CSV Upload : Can be used when we want to hide the visibility for Bulk users.


4. We will use Document id for the illustration. Choose the option 2 ie by Document Id and enter i           its value. Our PM form document Id is 32701.

For User with Visibility: Enter the Manager userid under which the wrong employee is                       reflecting.And then click on button “Remove Visibility”

Below is the screenshot to explain this step :



5. You will get below Pop up for confirmation ,click on ok to confirm the action


       6. Once you click on Ok you will get success message as below :



7. To validate Navigate to Manager Enroute folder and see if the Form is removed successfully



As per the above screenshot you can see the incorrect employee Michael Pittman form got removed hence our issue gets fixed without actual deleting the form.


To restore the visibility of the form we can follow the below steps :

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Document Visibility.

  2. Under Restore Document Visibility give the Document id and click on button “List Removed Users"


       3. Select the user ( Manager under whom incorrect direct report is coming) and click on                            “Restore   Visibility”


        4. You will get below confirmation ,click on ok to confirm



5. To validate Navigate to Manager Enroute folder and see if the Form is restored                                   successfully. And you can see form is again visible.



Hence this completed the process of Hiding and Restoring the Performance form.


This Blog post is to fix Performance Form issue where client dont want to delete the form but want the hide the form which is incorrectly appearing in Manager Enroute or Completed Folder under Performance .

Kindly let me know if you have any questions on the same.

For other Performance Management related topic kindly visit : ""

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At last thanks for motivating me for writing Blog post and kindly follow me for more upcoming valuable Blog Posts


Mridul Sharma
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