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During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, remote workforce is keep increasing all over the world.

SAP Qualtrics has developed Remote+On-site Work Pulse survey, which is an automated feedback solution giving employers the insights of their remote teams and understanding their needs during this uncertain time. i.e. How employees are doing during this pandemic situation? Do they feel safe, supported along with their family while working in new environment? Do they need any further support from employers?

Today, through this blog I’m going to demonstrate step-by-step process to create and activate the built-in, free SAP Qualtrics Survey “Remote+ On site Work Pulse” and share with SuccessFactors employees.

  1. Create Qualtrics Account

First, you have to register into Qualtrics portal to set up your free  Qualtrics account.

  1. Create New Project

After successful creation of your account, log in and create new project.

Create New Project

In create new section, you will find all in-built surveys, click on the survey “Remote+ On site Work Pulse”, then click on Get Started to work with setting up this built-in survey.

Get Started

Here, you have to enter following details:

Company name, geographic locations, departments/teams who will access this survey and Notifications settings, when done click on Finish.

Fill Up Company Info and Finish


By completing two easy steps get ready with your survey, now your survey is ready for review.

  1. Preview and Edit

In Preview pane, the left-hand side view is for computer screen and right-hand side view is for mobile screen. You can review all the questions, pages, layouts, picklists, smart arts, free text boxes used in the survey.

Review Survey Screen

Editing the survey is also very easy, while editing the survey you can edit Qs, remove Qs, add new Qs, you can change the Look and Feel of the Survey form by using the features Theme, Layout, General, Style, Motion, Logo, Background.

Edit Survey Look and Feel

You can translate the survey into another language.

Translate Survey Language

However, you can easily Print, Import or Export the surveys.

Print Import Export Surveys

When you are done with editing Save the survey.


  1. Publish and Distribute

After editing the survey, just you need to click on the Publish button to publish the edited survey. System will display a confirmation message which shows the survey is successfully published and activated.

Publish and Activate Survey

Next we’ll see how to distribute the survey.

There are many standard ways to distribute the survey, through web portal,manually sharing the link in social networking sites,sending e-mail,sending in mobile,using QR code etc.

Distribute Survey

In this blog,we’ll learn how you can distribute the survey through e-mail. We’ll send the survey to employees e-mail addresses in SuccessFactors.

First, we need to create a contact list or distribution list,we’ll create distribution list of employees e-mail addresses from SuccessFactors system.

Create a simple report in SuccessFactors Employee Central, to display employees First Name,Last Name and Email Addresses.

Next,go to report center and download the output as .csv file.

SuccessFactors Report

Now Go to Qualtrics Survey “Add Contacts” menu and import the .csv file.

Add Contacts Import .csv file

As you can see below, the contacts list of 12 employees have been successfully uploaded in to the survey from SuccessFactors .csv file.

SuccessFactors Contact list imported


Next,I'm going to show you how to send the survey to those 12 employees e-mail address, by using the feature Compose Email.

From “Select Contacts”, you can select the Contact list that we have created from SF .csv file,

Enter the Subject, you can add a Banner,add Text to the survey message body,this is an html editor you can use for formatting your text,pictures,etc.

Compose Email Send Survey

Before sending to mass employees,it is my advise to send preview mail in your own e-mail address once and verify. When verified send to all employees.

Send Preview Email

Following mail shows the Survey has been sent to employees e-mail address.Employees can click on the link to take the survey.

Survey send in Email

  1. Analyze and Report

Once you have received responses from employees,you can start your analysis by using different kind of built-in reports in Reports section of the Qualtrics survey as shown below, you can also generate a PDF report to share with anyone else.

Analyze and Report


Hope you have enjoyed my blog and learned how to create surveys in Qualtrics and share in SuccessFactors employees e-mail address.

Now, it’s your turn to show up and share your experiences with the community !!

If you enjoyed this blog, like and share with your friends and colleagues! leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think!!


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