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We have been seeing numerous blogs that talks about best practice configurations, workarounds, tips, etc. I started thinking about how I could bring my five cents. Then I realized, I should post about something which I always carry with me to keep an eye on happenings on SuccessFactors. Let me present these little-known apps that provide real value. There are some surprising options out there which I've been using these while I am on the go....

SAP Support Now: Are you still logging into your laptops to keep an eye on the most critical tickets you raised to SAP? Or need to respond to the ticket on the go? Here it is - SAP Support Now app has been designed to help SAP SuccessFactors, or any SAP partners/customers get end-to-end support while working with SAP solutions. It takes advantage of convenient multimedia tools and the flexibility on smart phones to make the interactions between customer and SAP support easier.

SAP Support Now

Key features of SAP Support Now:

  • Log in up to 6 accounts.

  • View Your/All Open/Confirmed incidents.

  • Provide quick reply or additional attachments for your existing incidents.

  • Call SAP Hotline in incident details or settings.

  • View the incident solutions from SAP support engineer.

  • Close incident when it's on customer action or SAP proposed solution.

  • Search incident by number or title.

  • Get mobile notification when incident has any new updates from SAP.

  • Share incident to other authorized colleagues.


Download Now:

Apple App Store,cust....

Google Play Store


SAP Jam: As you all know, with the SAP Jam mobile app for Android / iPhone / iPad, you can stay on top of projects and activities within your group, department, or project team, anywhere and anytime. This app connects to the SAP Jam social software platform and allows people to participate in groups and easily find subject matter experts and information right from their mobile device.

The SuccessFactors related groups allows you can keep an eye on the latest happenings or updates from SAP SF team.


Key features of SAP Jam for iPhone and iPad

  • Participate in groups on SAP Jam and collaborate with co-workers from anywhere

  • Easily find and collaborate with subject matter experts inside and outside your organization

  • Share, view, and comment on documents on the go

  • View and manage your tasks in SAP Jam

  • View, comment on, and post status updates to group walls

EC Enablement:

SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics:


Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:


OpenSAP: With the openSAP mobile app, you can gain knowledge on the latest SAP innovative solutions on the go. This app accesses SAP's open online courses and provides a well-structured, optimized interface for you to view available courses, download course videos, complete online tests, and synchronize your personal learning progress with the openSAP Web platform.

Recent courses which had great content:

  1. An Experience to Human Experience Management (HXM)

  2. Automate Build & Delivery of SAP SuccessFactors Packages (Partner Edition) and many more to come



Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:


The next three doesn’t need an introduction. Few of them are pre-installed when you get a new mobile or most of us use them, but are we really using them for our professional needs? Let's see what they have to offer:


YouTube: One such app, which allows us to watch our favorite videos easier within the app. Best part, it allows users to subscribe to their favorite channels and the app posts you the update as soon as a new video is uploaded. There are 1000’s of channels which have been subscribed by millions.

Similarly, these days, we have people from SAP SuccessFactors stream coming up with channels. You can gain abundant knowledge on many scenarios. These channels could also be used as quick guide before you go for implementations.

Here is the sample list of channels, you can get a few more, what are you waiting for? Just zoom into YouTube and happy learning




Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:


WhatsApp Messenger: The most used messaging app in today’s world, WhatsApp doesn’t really need any introduction. A revolutionized mobile app from Facebook which took the technology to next level.

Below, provided few groups links, where you can join immediately, you will be invited to join other groups as well. But, remember, WhatsApp has a limit of 257 members per group, so what are you waiting for? Just click the below links and join the best rated groups.


The folks in these groups are so fast you will be able to get responses within seconds you post your query. There are lot of groups, but many have gates closed because of WhatsApp limitation.


Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:


Telegram Messenger: With over 400 Million active users, Telegram is one the fastest messaging app in the market. The best part is you can create group chats for up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.), and even set up bots for specific tasks. It's the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

Few groups, where you can join immediately, once you are there, our SuccessFactors chaps will help you to join more groups and few times you will see the new SF groups shared within the group.



Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:


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