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Some new requirements which makes us to explore around the SAP Success factors I am going to explain one out of them here in this blog .Platform features are very robust to use and navigate accordingly to the end user  needs .

Let us straight away move to the requirement .An employee has to get information of the near by Pharmacy shops location with google maps in their ESS .

Let us begin our configuration on creating rule based scenario for custom tiles .

Go to Configure Business Rules -----> Click on Custom tiles (Decision rules)


Now create a rule with if condition equal to one location of the company.


So create a rule for every location you have for the company  to give the employees near by Pharmacy stores details .


Create custom tile in order employee have access to go through this information as Employee Self service.This can be achieved by custom tile addition in Manage home page .


Go to Manage Home page ---->Add custom Tile .Please find below for reference.


Step 1: Name the Tile >mention the description if you wanted to describe the tile and click on next .

Step2: Select the type of the tile as “Static”. Mention Title of the tile and maintain translations to make available for the employees across the globe for the organization. Add an icon which represents the medical assistance .Now move to the step 3


Step3:Navigation of the tile is described here. Needed logic has to be added here .

Select “Popover” as target so that for location the pharmacy details will be popping with a link to navigate .Choose the width of template to pop up.


Enable the Rule –based and then select rule scenario as “Generic Rule Scenario “.Select all the rules create in business rules for every location of the company .Now define the pop up template text and navigation the near  by pharmacy for every location rule added.



Enter the needed text on every template as the Title ,Sub title and body of the text.


While entering text in body try click on right the  choose option link .Here you can add the Google maps link showing near by pharmacy stores to the particular location. In the same way copy for every template with location Google maps links of near by stores.Keep the title of the link so it will be visually good to navigate.


Step4: Assign the tile to the specific section you wanted to see on the homepage .User group to all employees .So every location will have their pharmacy details near by.

Now let us test this of employees with different location. Proxy to the employee of the location in the rule and click on the tile to view near by pharmacy on Google maps.


Click on the Pharmacy near by to get the details as below.




So we can navigate to different other pages according to employees needs .Great the employees can have ESS for essentials at the office hours through this custom tiles without searching for many apps and sites.


Summary : Custom tiles can be associate to multiple business rules to define different behaviour for your target users. The rules engine determines which content to display for the target user based on the rules. With this feature, you can create one custom tile for multiple purposes. To control who can see this tile, you can set the user groups for the tile in the Assignments step.
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