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Organisations need to consider a strategic approach along side their compensation planning and management to attract, motivate and retain a skilled workforce. 

Compensation is historically driven by the End of Year review; this is the typical kick off to the preparation of the annual compensation and variable pay cycles. There has been a shift in the employment market and most employees need to be recognised throughout the year through Continuous Performance Management and this has become a focal point of Human Experience Management and the Future of Work.

With Reward and Recognition, we are able to reward employees and give recognition at any time during the year with a wizard based, simplistic approach. This can be monetary, points based or with a 'thank you' email for the efforts of the employee.

You can choose from eligible award categories while the remaining budget is shown on screen, making it easy to get your job done quickly, and stay within your organisation’s guidelines.

A great experience goes beyond how employees are compensated - it's about how employees are recognised for their success. To do this, rewards must be personalised, relevant, frequent, and timely.  With Reward and Recognition, managers can add a personalised message with the reward which also serves as justification to those approving the action.


(Level 3 Process Hierarchy)


Feature Overview

Once configured correctly, a manager will be able to select a member of their team. This will filter the appropriate reward programmes that the team member is eligible for.

If needed, you can select multiple team members to reward - therefore reducing the time spent, yet still giving meaningful employee experience and engagement.

Next the guidelines will pick up how a team member is to be rewarded. Guidelines can be set on fields such as Country, Reward Category and Level. The manager is then given the recommended rewards in a drop-down list, which is incremental from minimum to maximum, with the budget on screen to assist in their decision.

Finally, the justification for the approver and a personal message to the recipient is required. Once approved, the team member will receive immediate notification of their reward via email. Remember the necessity of personalised and relevant feedback here. This would be an opportunity for the manager to input some detailed feedback such as the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model.

(System screenshot examples)


Where should you start?

To get your Reward and Recognition incentives started, here are some of the must haves;

  • Peer-to-peer recognition – empower your staff to celebrate each other

  • Long-service awards – celebrate milestones to shout about loyal staff

  • Instant recognition – visible performance metrics to reward employees immediately (rather than delaying until a standardised time such as Annual Cycles or Christmas)

  • Rewards – desirable wins so that staff will work hard to achieve them

It’s also important to tailor your scheme to your organisation, to ensure it reflects your culture and brand. Run in the right way, an employee recognition scheme will have a huge impact on your business output.

Key Features

  • Reward and Recognition on Mobile! Managers are no longer tied to a desk - This wizard based system is mobile enabled.

  • Instant recognition messages to motivate employees throughout the year providing real-time acknowledgment of milestone achievements and outstanding contributions.

  • Each Reward is flexible with a multitude of Categories and Levels for reward

  • Guidelines can be set against each reward with incremental monetary rewards

  • Ability for managers to override the guidelines where suitable

  • Opportunity for Points-Based programs as well as Thank You messages for recognition

  • Budget Controlled with easy view for the manager, enabling them to carry out their work within organisation guidelines

  • Ability to reward your employees and give recognition anytime during the year

  • Seamless integration back to Employee Central Spot Awards for Payroll to collect reward data

  • Reward and Recognition events are often linked to the same budget, eligibility, guideline, and approval processes as annual events.

Business Value Added

The most efficient way to provide a staff incentive scheme is via a structured employee recognition programme, such as the SuccessFactors Reward and Recognition feature! This places all the information at both management and employees’ fingertips, allowing the entire business to easily engage with it.

Employee Rewards are visible to staff to provide an added incentive to work hard. Performance metrics are also visible to the senior team, so that they can monitor progress and proactively recognise efforts at appropriate times. This kind of platform is straightforward and inexpensive to implement, while making it easy to reward your staff to ensure high performance does not get overlooked.

Blog Summary

Reward and Recognition is an uplift of your Spot Awards found within Employee Central, giving ownership to the teams performing and driving businesses forward and easily configured and maintained by Total Rewards CoE.

Further Reading

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