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Going Cloud

Last week I took my first exam through the Certification Hub. What I liked most from the experience was the flexibility it provided. Sitting in a corner of home, instead of an examination room of an educational institute or a test center, I felt taking the test was very easy.

Earlier I’ve taken few tests, including those I mentioned at Non-SAP Qualifications as well, in environments meant for exams and now to have different experience, I think such an arrangement for exam is quite convenient for everyone involved in the process, from training organizers to proctors and candidates.

So if you are planning to get your SAP Skills endorsed, I suggest you to subscribe to the CER006 – SAP Certification in the Cloud, and as explained by sheri.schaaf, Take your SAP Certification Exams in the Cloud. And if your interest is in Employee Central, this blog is for you.

HR Function and Employee Central

I studied the EC (with many other topics), through SAP Learning Hub (thankfully sponsored by my employer), quite a few times, compared it with my earlier knowledge & experience of supporting HR with SAP On-premise solutions, and learned that the in-cloud offering is absolutely a great solution customers can acquire to manage their core HR function. So if you learn it, which you can easily with some effort, you can help the businesses interested in using the tool to run their HR better. Here’s what you need to do to learn it.

A. Understand the tool’s structure, which

  • Is made up of the Foundation Objects, and

  • Is managed through Customizable Rules.

B. Learn how Employee Data is managed, by

  • Administrators,

  • Employees themselves, and

  • Their Managers.

Topics to focus

The course you can take to learn the above topics is THR81, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Academy. I found both the e-book and e-learning material quite useful and will recommend the same. The e-learning runs as a presentation and helps you in establishing high-level understanding while the e-book is quite detailed & explains each of the topic thoroughly. Both of the Academy Materials are well structured and initially

  • Provide an introduction of the course,

  • Explain how system security is maintained,

  • Illustrate how Foundation Objects are Managed, and

  • Describe how Employee Data is maintained.

As you proceed with the course contents, you learn the advanced topics including

  • Self-Service scenarios for Employees and Managers,

  • Workflows, embedded in processes, allowing you to customize per your needs,

  • Rule / Integration Management to control system behavior, and

  • Enablement of few extra features.

Some of the topics are referred throughout the course, such as Foundation Objects, and therefore you need to understand them better than others. To do so, take notes and refer them as & when needed. Here’s an example slide I have prepared, based on my notes, to illustrate how the difference between Foundation Objects configured and managed through XML Files & Data Models and MetaData Framework could be easily understood by thinking of the image.

To ensure better learning of the EC (and any other topic for that matter), I recommend you to read Attending a training? Ensure better learning! And once you’re ready, book and take your exam.

Certified, now what?

After completing and passing the test, you are asked to provide your feedback through a survey form. Fill it in to give your opinion. Later, within a week, you’ll receive emails from Pearson of account creation which you’ll need to activate to receive youracclaim badge and certificate. Use the credentials to promote the skills mentioned on the link such as Application Configuration, As-is process documentation, Blueprinting, Change Management support, Knowledge transfer & workshop facilitation.

And most important, do not stop your learning journey!

Are you planning to get your skills endorsed and known?

If so, what steps you have taken or planning to take?
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