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Background: In my last blog, I have discussed on the GDPR RTBF using the SF Data Purge functionality. In this blog, I am going to provide some step detail to address the “Right of access by the data subject” functionality of GDPR. For “Right of access by the data subject” functionality SF have provided the functionality named as “Information Report”. Information Report is very simple to configure, just we have to provide some additional access to role.

Step 1: Provide the right permission based on your requirement. Module wise permission is provided below.

Objective/Goal Access:

Calibration Access:

Multi-Rater & Performance Management Access:

Succession Access:

Position Access:

Talent Pool Access:

Employee Central Access:


Access which are not module specific:

That’s all for the permission. In case if you are not able to generate Information Report due to access issue please go through the “Information Report” section in the “Setting Up and Using Data Protection and Privacy” implementation guide & check the permission section of it.

Step2: The Report Layout can be controlled with the “Configuration” option for “Data Subject Information”. To control the layout, navigate to Admin Center -> Data Subject Information, then click the Configuration option. When you click the configuration option it shows module specific option on the left-hand side (Like Employee Central, Succession, Background portlet etc.)

If you further click on any of the option on the left-hand side it shows the available fields for this section on the right-hand side. In the below example, we can see the detail for Employee Central different portlets.

If you further click any of the portlet/section name on the right-hand side, it shows the available fields. From there you can select which field should appear in report & which should be hidden.

After the modifying the configuration “Save” it & you will get pop up for saving.

Step3: All set for Information Report. Now let’s execute the Information Report.

Path:  Admin Center -> Data Subject Information. Then Data Subject Search.

After that, Search for employee for whom you want to run the Information Report.

Then Generate Report.

Step4: To view the report, go to the Reports Tab. Check the status.

Running Status:

Warning status:

Success Status:

Sample Report Output:

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