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Introduction: SAP-user id commonly know as S-user id, is a unique login identifier similar to forms of authentication used by other organizations, such as Apple ID for App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage.

It allows individual to login to SAP online applications such as SAP Support Portal or SuccessFactors Community or SAP Service Marketplace (retired or Open SAP or SAP Training or SAP Blog portals via SSO each new platform enrollment is treated as an upgrade allowing you to use same credentials across. SAP ID Service will link all the SAP accounts. These portals enable customers to be self-sufficient and are used for various purposes such as to get product information, report a product issue, download software, ask a question, get training, and more.

Format: S-User ID contains the letter ‘S’ followed by 10 numbers It would look something like S0000000000. Zeros replaced with actual numbers assigned by SAP or you can also use your corporate email id tagged to the S-User ID.

(e.g. S0011223344).

Customer Initial S-User ID: also commonly know as Super Admin or Cloud Admin S-user ID is the first S-user ID assigned by SAP. For new customers, SAP creates initial S-user IDs and is usually sent to the ‘C’ level executive at the customer, CEO or CHRO or HR VP Or Vendor Management, basically the individual who was involved with contract discussion with the SAP sales team. For security reasons, SAP is not allowed to create additional S-user IDs for customers or assign authorizations to such additional S-users or share the initial S-User ID credentials with others.

The client individual will receive an email from SAP Digital Business Services with the subject “Your personal key to the SAP Support ecosystem” containing a confidential PDF attachment which will have details of customer # and credentials for the initial S-User ID. (check your junk folder)

If you have not received or don’t know who has the initial S-User ID, Customer Interaction Center (CIC) can assist you in identifying. can also check with your SAP contacts CEE (Customer Engagement Executive) or CSM (Customer Success Manager)

Creating S-User ID: Super Admin can request any number of S-user IDs and assign them the required authorizations for client and partner team members. The Super admin should create/manage all required S-user IDs and authorizations. With super administrator rights, administrators can assign any of their rights to other users or delete such rights. Its flexible and allows customers to model different requirements and hierarchies. When an S-User is created, the company number associated with that S-User ID cannot be changed. If the user needs access to a different customer number, a new S-User ID needs to be created under the other account. Partners earlier could not use unique S-User ID’s across customers.SAP is working on Manage Service Partner User application which is currently in pilot release -


1) Log in  (use the initial credentials)

2) Search "System Operations and Maintenance"

3) Click "Support User Management"

4) Click "Request User" blue box bottom right corner

5) Enter new user details using your customer #. Put correct professional email id's

After SAP approves (which can take 1-2 days)


STEP 2 (authorizing user)

1) Log in  (use the initial credentials)

2) Search "System Operations and Maintenance"

3) Click "Support User Management"

4) Click on your super admin account

5) Copy your authorization to other users if you want to hand over Super Admin responsibilities


4) Click on the new user you created (after approved by SAP)

5) Go to the Authorization tab and click pencil icon on the right and select checkboxes

a) Incidents & b) cloud. This gives basic access

6) Save


Additional reading on SAP Knowledge Base Articles

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