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Note to SAP Community members: SAP recognizes the importance of the integrity of the SAP Community. In an effort to continue to support the community and at the same time adapt to this time of uncertainty, we are creating a temporary space for partners who have free solutions that can help you continue to move forward. Our intention is to give you direct access to their solutions as they may provide you with practical help to tackle COVID-19 disruptions. 


To support the all the SAP users across the world, we are offering four of our employee success apps for a free trial or free of charge for the first 3 months. Understanding the challenges many employers are facing today, we believe that these tools will help you better manage your human capital in the new, online working environments. Here they are.  

Employee Recognition App to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity 

The importance of employee recognition is more important than ever before. By appreciating your employees’ hard work during these COVID-19 times, you will inspire them to go the extra mile and give them the moral support that they need. 

Besides enabling positive company culture, our customers have been using JobPts, our employee recognition software, to encourage employees to stay compliant with the special company policies during the COVID-19. Within the app, we have already prebuilt ideas for employee recognition programs related to COVID-19.  

Contact us to request your free access and start building a culture of appreciation within your organization.  

Employee Communication App to Keep Your Workplace Informed 

Keeping employees informed with the latest company updates as well as sharing useful COVID-19 tips and resources are crucial during the outbreak. In order to keep employees safe and aligned with the overall business strategy as well as for enabling business continuity, employers now need to bring their internal communications efforts to a whole new level.   

To help employers stay connected with their people, eliminate the fear among employees and stop the spread of misinformation in the workplacewe are now offering our internal communication solution, Nurturein a form of a free trial or free of charge for 3 months. 

With Nurture, internal communicators, managers, leaders, HR and other people strategists can better handle their crisis communication efforts during the outbreak.  

Additionally, Nurture has a special library of internal communications emails related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Contact us to request your free access and ensure the right flow of information in your workplace.  

Employee Surveys App to Actively Listen to Your Workforce 

Employee surveys are a powerful way for checking your employees’ pulse during the time of crisis. Active employee listening enables leaders and HR professionals to better understand how their people feel and what are their biggest concerns. 

Employers across the world are using SurveyRocks, our employee survey software, to find out how their employees are coping with the new working environments, which enables them to make appropriate actions based on real data. 

Within the app, we have prebuilt multiple employee surveys related to COVID-19.

Contact us to request your free access to SurveyRocks and start encouraging employees’ voice in your organization.  

Employee Enablement App to Drive Employee Success 

To enable employees for success, keep their productivity levels up and help them collaborate with their teammates, we are offering BoardFlo, our employee enablement app, free of charge for the first 3 months  

BoardFlo is a kanban-like employee success app that has manuse cases such as: career succession planning, employee learning & development, new hire onboarding, employee collaboration, project management and many others.  

Contact us to request your free access to BoardFlo and help your employees to keep growing their careers. 


⚠️ Our Employee Success Apps have premium SAP certifications and integrations.  

Additional Free COVID-19 Resources 

In addition to free access to our Employee Success Suite, we have also created a few useful and editable resources for everyone to use.  


Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!
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