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How do I know which training should I take? 

It's a question many SAP Aspirants ask.

This blog answers the above question. 

To start, access the site where you will be provided with 3 main options:

  1. SAP Product Hierarchy

  2. Learning Journeys, and

  3. Get Support

Choose Learning Journeys, which can help you Jump-Start your learning as they are designed according to different SAP Roles, such as those mentioned in the image below:

For instance, you are an HR business user and support the Learning & Development Processes at your organization.

You want to know what you need to learn within SAP.

You can find the Learning Journey quite useful, which considers your current level and provide you a path to develop yourself. You can

  • Start with an overview

  • Advance to the next level

  • Keep yourself updated

  • Broaden your skills.

To start go to the Learning Journey link on the SAP Help Portal.

You can search according to keywords and also Explore all Learning Journeys.

Choose the second option and filter the Learning Journeys as follows:

  • Roles: Business User

  • Product Categories: HR & People Engagement > Learning and Development.

You get the following results:

Now let's say your organization is interested in optimizing its Knowledge Management process and is considering Solutions. You find out that SAP Enable Now is a great tool that can greatly transform your learning process. You, therefore, want to learn more about it.

From the results, you explore it for Business User and can see the following Learning Journey:

Now you know that you can learn it in steps, such as

  1. Start with an Overview

  2. Become Competent, and

  3. Stay Current.

You find out that all of the above have different types of documentation available which you can use to build your learning profile.

To learn from the above, you can subscribe to SAP Learning Hub. And the good news is that you can try it for free by signing up before full subscription.

I hope the above can help you find the best route for you to develop your skills. Please let me know what do you think?
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