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Hi All... This is a short blog on an error I have faced while replicating an US employee data from SF to ECP Payroll. Hope you like the same.

We use PTP replication to replicate the employees from SF to ECP payroll. We replicate data related to IT0000, IT0001, IT0007, IT0008, IT0009, IT0027 etc.While replicating there are several errors faced which can be viewed in SLG1 we are going to have a look on one such error today.

While replicating employee data from EC to ECP  we came across the error : "Fill field "ID number" of info type 0002 for time period XX/XX/XXXX - XX/XX/XXXX." for an USA employee.


I am not sure what approach others would have followed  but first thing that popped into my mind on seeing  the error was which field is "ID number"  in IT0002 and the thought that I have not seen a field called ID number in PA20 screen in IT0002  of SAP then I went to se16 and from there I could see a field "ID number ". Then  on checking the error log  from slg1 it showed as " The following field is affected ID number (PERID) ".Then i went to another employee and saw and the field had SSN value filled then I clicked on F4 and the technical name was PERID.  I then checked for the errored  our employee it was blank then  I checked in EC and it was blank.


blank national id

On maintaining the national id field and replicating the employee once again the error was sorted out.

filled in national id

In the meantime I just browsed and I could find some documents which I felt like are worth sharing.

Please find the links below :

National ID Card - Infotype 0002 | SAP Help Portal

PA0002-PERID (Personnel ID Number) eg.SSN Validation | SAP Community


They mostly speak about the mapping of PERID to National id maintained in SAP for  ECP payroll   and also FM in SAP which are used to display national id in field Id number in IT0002 basing on the country.

To conclude we have always seen SSN, National ID etc.  as text for the field "ID Number"  .However basing on configuration, function modules the text and its functionality differs in SAP, EC.

Also lesson learnt do not get confused by name try to dig deeper into SLG1 .

Hope you like the blog . Request you to like or comment or share your views on the same.
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