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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on all of us, with HR leaders at the center of the response. Many companies have either been forced to close by social distancing policies or have employees work remotely when possible. There has also been the emergence of various special leaves and isolation policies to encourage employees to stay home and prevent the spread of the virus. These are important measures, but they also create the need for data collection that SAP SuccessFactors doesn’t currently provide.

There are many companies who has looked into the issue of tracking the Employee Health Information through an extension in SuccessFactors. But today's blog is all about tracking the “Return of Work”, since pandemic is recovering in some places, employees are joining back in their respective offices but not all in regular basis. A background element to keep a track for the same is required from a client end, so we created a solution and provided to them. That is what the blog is all about. We have also created analytical reports to organize the same and created dashboard on the homepage to visualize the present statuses.

The procedure followed to keep the track are as follows:

  1. Added “Background Element” block to Employee Profile

Here we created a background element named “Return to Work” which keeps a track of an employee that what he/she is doing throughout the week. Whether he/she is working remotely or working from office. If office, then the exact location of the office.

    1. Fields were configured as picklists, and an open text field was added for Location (ex. to specify the exact floor or area where the employee works). Through this we are keeping a track that the employee has returned to the workplace but he/she requires attention as being returning to work requires to check on daily basis.

  1. The above background goes to Manager’s approval. Also, to keep a track on them a custom dashboard is added to every Manager’s homepage to show which employees have added their information.

When you scroll over the column, the employee last name and number of days entered populates.


  1. Further drill down is also expected, if you click on the tile and a table showing all the employees data populates.

In this way Manager has an update on all the employees and their present status on returning to work and to which location they are currently based out of. In this pandemic situation it is always necessary to keep a track on the employees’ and to do the same Manager should be updated with their daily work location. This tracker would help organization whose employees are remotely working the most, such as transportation and warehousing sectors, etc.

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