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Many Organizations complain about the ERP solutions are too complex and not easy to learn or understand by their employees.Sometimes they want a standard instruction set for the systems or a repeatable course such as 'Induction course for employee'. to help with that SAP has created a Content authoring tool which is gaining momentum in the Learning space.

What Is Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is a content authoring tool set with end to end solution that will enable you to create, manage and deliver different types of information. The information can be instructor-led training, self-directed learning, and online performance support for both SAP and non-SAP systems.

Enable now supports Documentation and manuals, SAP Help Portals, Contextual Help, Guided Tours, Embedded Learning and you can integrate Video Content, Legacy Content, Documents and even any URL

Why Enable Now

1 Single Source Multiple output

With single source input content enable now can transform that content to multiple output such as demo simulation, documentation or even an assessment for the reduces the frequent training cost involve in skilling the end user. This is helpful when you repurpose your content and will get more value for the same.

2 Automated translation

A complete integration within enable now that enables you to actually take a content push that to SAP translation hub and turn it into any of approximately 40 languages , so if a global organization that builds these materials in multiple languages rather than building a multiple language content repository , they can take advantage of translation hub and create documentation in multiple languages.

3 Templates

Whole purpose of Enable now is to make use of Powerful feature called Content Templates.There are a lot of advantages of Templates, it speeds up the development of content so we can build a piece of content based on a template. We can rapidly deploy the recurring assets in the content such as Bubble colour, type etc. This will help us in achieving grater consistency while generating the content.

Enable now has a wide range of reusable template library which you can use or you can create your own.

4 Integration with SAP

Enable now can be deployed in most of the SAP product at any point of the activate methodology. Content can be added at pre-Go Live to help and understand the end user what they are getting into or Even at User Accepance Test to check if we are on right track. Post Go Live content can be helpful for the End user to train themselves without the human intervention

5 Integration with LMS

Enable now can be integrated with most of leading LMS solution including SAP Successfactors LMS and the content can be generated in accordance with AICC and SCROM. Also enable now can be deployed standalone with Desktop or Web assistant.

Use Cases of Enable Now

1 E-learning courses and knowledge assessments

Enable Now supports learning modes such as demonstration, practice, and testing. To cover the full range of IT- and non IT training  and to make learning more exciting SAP Enable Now additionally provides interactive multimedia environments like books and book pages as well as quizzes.

2 Process Tutorials

As one of the simulation modes, the concurrent mode, is a step-by-step instruction (based on the demo mode) which is directly shown in a separate window on top of the current process.All SAP and Non SAP applications are supported to take advantage of the feature

3 Performance Support

The Web Assistant and the Desktop Assistant, with their main components guided tour and context help, provide help, learning and further information in real-time and context-sensitive directly within the target application. They provide content without media disruption on a "right time - right place" basis, exactly when the end user needs help to do their job.

4 Documentation

End user may not have time to go through a e-learning or a process tutorial or maybe need ad hoc information about a process at that time the documentation feature comes to rescue. Documentations can be generated in Word, PDF, HTML, or PPT for the content types simulations, books, text units, and quizzes also it can be exported as test scripts (HPQC,ECATT). You can summarize and crop the screenshots automatically to optimize and minimize generated documentations.

Enable Now Licensing

One License to Rule them all

Enable now cloud version has 1 license per user arrangement and it can be leverage with multiple SAP product and can be purpose for any kind of role.

For example, A Company licensed enable now for Successfactors and in future they invested in S/4 HANA they can use the same set of licenses to use to develop and distribute the content to the same set of users. Enable now is based upon the role-based permission system where standard roles consist of Admins, Content developers and Learners etc.


A content authoring tool 'Enable Now' by SAP has a potential to bridge the gab between the User and the learning.With use of Templates the organization can build a library of standard content in limited time which can be useful to elevate the performance of Users.License policy with simple terms which useful to deploy the content to any of the SAP domain.

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