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Hi There,


I hope you and your families are well and healthy!

After a long Span of waiting finally in H1 2020 Release SAP has introduced New LMS Administration UI which is mind-blowing evaluation from what we use to be with legacy UI.

But the navigation process is still little painful, either we have to first go to legacy LMS Admin UI and from there we can reach new LMS UI or very beginning of SuccessFactors home page we have Learning Administration option available under Info tile.




But in our days of making things easier and richer experience why can’t we have the New Learning Admin option available under HOME drop down as a new TAB like others.



So this document will show the custom navigation configuration of creating a custom TAB which can be available under HOME drop down of Successfactors and with one single click it would take us to brand New Learning Admin UI page.

Prerequisite: Enable Configure “Custom Navigation in provisioning”

                     Account -> Company Settings ->Configure Custom Navigation



Step 1: One can navigate to “Configure Custom Navigation” option either through Company Settings or directly by typing at “Tool search” & “Search for actions or people”.




Step 2: Once we are in “Configure Custom Navigation” window we can create our custom tab which will be available under HOME drop down.

Step 3: Menu Item Label: One can choose to set any meaningful label which would be visible to Admins who would have access to this TAB. Example:” New Learning Administration”

Step 4: ID: Once can choose any Unique ID which would be dedicated to this Menu Item.

Step 5: Link Type: Under drop down we have to select Internal Link as communication with new LMS UI would be internal not external.



Step 6: URL: URL has to be in unique format. Format is given below.

Here Customer ID would be dynamic entry.

One can easily find the "CustomerID" either by taking reference of LMS/Plateau native URL for that instance(Preview/ Production) or one can directly navigate to LMS Administration page once and find the details from the URL Bar.


For Test/Preview Instance mostly the URL would be :

“” this is just an general URL format all need to use. But lets say you are woking with a customer for whom when you navigate to plateau administration page at the URL bad you find the customerID= XYZ-stage so you have to create the URL like below :

If you observe closely the general "CustomerID" has now been modified with XYZ-stage as XYZ-stage is what you fetch from your system.


Step 7: Menu Location: Once can select “Top Navigation”, “Action Search”.


Action Search would ensure that when any admin who has access to this TAB will type to search the TAB label in “Search for actions or people” it would appear.



Step 8: Permissions: One has to select the appropriate Admin Role which ensures the corresponding Admin who are having this role will only be able to access & view this new custom TAB.


Step 9: Log out of your system and log in back and the new Learning Administration Custom Tab can now be visible under Home drop down.




Step 10: And by clicking on that new TAB now it would take you to the new Admin UI.



Last but not the least this process would make all our admin work easier and making sure they find the option available with all other Admin options at a same place.




Many Thanks,

Ranan Dey
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