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Document Management System in Onboarding 2.0

Introduction :

Many of our customers have different requirements to collect the data in the form of PDFs also. We collect different types of data from the candidate during the ONB process which is available within the system as soft copy but still many of the customers (especially educational related customers or some Indian customers) asks for the data to be in Hard copies also which are nothing but in PDF format.

Now, we will try to understand how many types of forms are available in SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0

Forms are of 2 types

  • Policy forms which does not have any fields populating from Onboarding Process and No signatures needed either from the candidate/Onboardee or from manager.

NOTE: We can have signatures on any Onboarding Form only by Either Onboardee or Manager. Not possible to configure signature from any other User.

  • Forms which has data to populate which is collected during the ONB process or any signatures available.

In this blog, we will try to understand how to configure the system to have the Policy Forms which does not have any fields populated from ONB process and no signatures needed. These are the forms which the Onboardee needs to access during the ONB process.

We can configure any of the Policy Forms in ONB system in the form of Custom Tiles. We need to create Custom Tiles and add the forms under the Tiles and make available to the Onboardees so that the Onboardees can access these policy forms during the ONB process while they submit all the data and documents from the 2nd step – Onboarding Personal paperwork step.

Let us try to understand the Steps involved to configure the Custom Tiles for accessing the Policy documents.

Step 1 – Navigate to ‘Manage Homepage’

Step 2 - Click on ‘Add Custom Tile’

The Custom Tile creation is of 4 Steps

1st step – Generally-->  Here in this step, we provide the Name and Description of the Tile as below and click on Step 2

2nd step – Tile --> Here in the 2nd step, we need to choose the Tile we want to display on the Dashboard.

Type:  The type of Tile is of 2 types

  1. Static -->  Normal Tile

  2. Graphical -->  In order to use a Graphical Tile, we need to upload an image with 90*90 Pixels.

Here in this example, we will be using a static Tile type.

Provide some Title which displays on the Tile.

Eg. Onboarding Policy Document

Icon: There are a lot of standard Icons are available, we can choose any one of the Icon.

NOTE: if we choose the Type as Graphical, then we need to upload an image, if we choose Static as type, then we can select any of the available Tiles.

After completing the 2nd step under Custom Tile creation, the screen looks below

3rd Step --> The 3rd step in creation of Custom tile is Navigation

This step contains different set of fields, out of which the 1st field is Target

The Target field has multiple options to select like Popover, URL, Email and No Target. As we are trying to add a Custom Tile, choose Popover.

Switch the Rule-based option to ‘Yes’, because we need to create a Business Rule to differentiate the External Onboarding Users with already existing employees.

Once we enable the Rule-based switch to ‘Yes’, we can see a new field added as ‘Rule Scenario’ which contains 2 values

  • Generic Rule Scenario --> This is a general scenario which is used for existing employees.

  • Show New Hire Onboarding Content --> This is the Rule Scenario which we need to select for providing access of the Custom Tiles to all the External Onboarding Users.

Once we select the Rule Scenario as ‘Show New Hire Onboarding Content’, need to assign a Rule in the Rule Field.

So, in order to display a rule here in this field, we need to create a Rule which provides access to all new Hires.

Creating a Rule

Steps for creating a Rule to enable Custom Tiles visibility to the External users

Step1 – Navigate to the Configure Business Rule and click on Create New rule by selecting the Rule scenario as ‘Show New Hire Onboarding Content’ under ‘Custom Tile (Decision Rules) section.

From the above screen, choose Radio button ‘Show New hire onboarding content’ and provide the Rule Name, Rule Id, Description and click on Continue for creating the Rule.

Create the Rule as below with the required conditions.

Here I have taken the condition as ‘process Type = Onboarding’ so that the custom tiles which we are adding will be visible to the Onboardees.

NOTE : This rule needs to be created prior to creating the Custom Tile because we need to assign this Business Rule in the Rule field of 3rd step (Navigation) of custom tile creation.

Choose the Rule from Navigation step of Custom Tile creation after enabling Rule based and after choosing Rule scearnio as ‘Show new hire Onboarding content’.

After choosing the Rule, we can find 2 options under the content

  • Default

  • The Rule which we created

Both will be displayed and we need to update the content, document etc for both the languages (default & Rule)

In the Below content box, we can update any content before adding the document.

The same content needs to be updated to both the languages ( Default and Custom Tile for New Hires)

Adding a document as a Link in the Tile.

In order to add a document as a link in the content box, we need to upload the document within the system using ‘Manage Documents’.

So, Navigate to Manage Documents and upload the document, after uploading we can select that document as a link within the Tile.

Use the below option to upload the document into the Manage Documents.

Choose the Document from the system, maintains the description and choose document category as ‘Policy’  .

NOTE : Once we upload the form here in Manage Documents under Policy Category, we can choose this form from the custom tile creation page.

To add the form as a link click on the ‘Insert Document Link’ option from the content box

Once we click on Insert Document Link, all the Documents which are uploaded under ‘manage Documents’ of category as Policy, will be displayed here and we can choose what policy document the candidate should go through.

Repeat the same steps for other language as well. The content we added is for Default language, repeat the same for Custom Tile for New Hire as well.

After updating the content information with Link and other info, the screen looks as below

NOTE : The ‘Next’ button will be in grey out mode until we maintain the same content even for the other language as well. (Both default and Custom Tile for New hire).

4th step in Custom tile creation --> Assignments

Who should have access this Tile.

This step has the below options to choose

  • Section --> Specifies in which section the Tile should be placed.

  • User Group --> Specifies who can access this Tile

Can be All employees or you can create a new group especially for external Onboarding Users.

Click on ‘Add Group’ which navigates to Workflow Creation group (Dynamic Group) page to create a separate group for Onboarding external users as below.

Create a group with the User type as ‘External Onboarding User’ and choose any category like Country etc so that all the onboarding users will be added this group and custom tile permission is available for this group.

After updating the User Group, choose the date selection to make this tile Active.

We have multiple options like

Always --> This tile will always be on Homepage.

Date Range --> We  can provide a date range, so this tile will be available on Homepage till that date range.

Based on Start date --> here we choose a range as -30 -- +30 etc, means this tile will be available for candidates homepage before 30 and after 30 of joining.

NOTE : We use this option for Onboarding candidates.

Maintain all the options on 4th step and click on save.

Once we save this, no additional permissions or no additional configuration is needed.

Once we hire a candidate, we can see the Tile on the Homepage of the candidate as below under ‘Your Onboarding Journey’ section or any other section.

Once the Review New hire data step is completed, the candidate logs into the system and can see this Tile on the Homepage and the candidate can go through the Policy document which we uploaded.

Conclusion :

In short, need to follow the below steps in sequence for configuration.

  • Before creating a custom tile, we need to create a Rule as mentioned above.

  • Upload the Policy document in to Manage Documents

  • Create the Custom Tile and assign the Rule and document.


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