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In this blog post, we will discuss the basic configuration steps for the configuration of a custom onboarding journey where the customer wants a different process variant from the standard process variant. For the onboarding, this particular functionality identifies how the custom process will work for the customer as part custom onboarding journey. In this scenario requirement is the customer does not have any policy documents as part of the process.  This process should work for the Employee class as Employees which is maintained at the position level.

Step 1 Let's start the configuration

We can go to the Admin Center and create a custom process by creating the custom process variant from the Process Variant Manager.

Custom Process Variant

Step 2 Business rule for custom process variant

For the custom onboarding journey to trigger we can create a business rule for the custom onboarding journey to trigger.

We can create a custom rule in Configure business rule and select Onboarding and then select Process Variant Rule Mode to identify which rule model to trigger.

We can create a rule and save it as part of the process we can do our testing for a new candidate.

From RCM candidate has successfully moved to onboarding in Onboarding Dashboard after initiate Onboarding step is completed by recruiter.

Configure business rules as above

Step 3 Testing 

Candidate appears in Onboarding Dashboard

The manager will complete the task of review of new hire data in the Onboarding Dashboard

Manager starts Onboarding

The manager has completed the process and step is now completed

Manager Review new hire data completed as per above screenshot

The candidate will log on to the onboarding portal and complete onboarding by reviewing new hire data as part of onboarding information.

I hope the above information is useful in configuring a custom onboarding journey based on custom process variants and business rules with custom conditions and you have a functional understanding of the Onboarding 2.0 module.



The candidate starts onboarding process


The candidate provides compliance forms as per country specific requirement


The candidate clicks on the compliance form tile to provide compliance forms.


Candidate completes signature step to finish onboarding and document review step as part of default process will not appear.


Candidate completes signature step


The candidate will appear in Manage pending hire step after completing onboarding for getting hired in Employee Central as part of the EC process.



The candidate is in Manage Pending Hire step

All the screenshots have been taken from the SuccessFactors Demo system along with the SuccessFactors configuration.

You can create a custom process variant manager as per your customer's requirement and define conditions as per the process requested by the client for the Onboarding of new employee.

In this blog, I have not touched on new hire tasks as this blog is for custom process variant for different onboarding journeys as per customer requirements.

The candidate and data used is imaginary in the Demo system and do not relate to any company-specific information. It only demonstrates the flow of candidate information as part of the custom onboarding journey.

I hope this blog post provides insight into the custom onboarding journey of new hire and improve candidate experience as per company-specific requirements. Please follow my profile for future post.

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