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Every implementation partners/consultants faces a situation atleast once from customers asking for custom email notifications for different scenarios instead of using standard notifications.

Using SuccessFactors standard email notification templates, one cannot change multiple formats on the same object; to overcome this situation we can use a functionality available in Document Generation.

This article focuses on Custom email Notifications using Document Generation for MDF Based Objects (standard/customer specific).

Custom Notification Templates using Document Generation

Apart from generating Employee letters and documents, we can make use of Document Generation functionality to trigger custom email templates - workflow approvals, cc roles, etc.,


First step in the process is to create "Document Generation Group":

  •  use transaction "Document Generation - Manage Document Template"

  •  in Create New - Select "Document Generation Group"

  •  fill in all required fields


Next - create "e-mail / workflow template":

  • use transaction "Document Generation - Manage Document Template"

  • in Create New - Select "Document Generation Template"

  • provide Category as "Workflow" and Group as "MDF_CUST_EMAIL" (created in earlier step)

  • maintain the template content

Next - maintain mappings for the tokens used in the template

  • use transaction "Document Generation - Manage Document Template Mapping"

  • map the tokens used in the template with right references

Now, the template and groups are ready.


Second step in the process is to create a workflow utilizing the document template and document group.

  • use transaction "Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures"

  • in Create New - select "Workflow"

  • provide ID, name and other mandatory information

  • this scenario we'll use only Cc Role

  • under Cc Role - select the document group "MDF_CUST_EMAIL" created in the previous step


Third step in the process is creating a business rule to trigger the workflow configuration

  • use transaction "Configure Business Rules"

  • select "+" or "Create New Rule"

  • now, expand Metadata Framework and select "Rules for MDF Based Objects"

  • provide mandatory information and make sure to select the Base Object and Purpose as "Workflow"

  • make the rule to "always true" and in Then clause set the workflow configuration created in the earlier step.


Fourth Step in the process is assigning the Business rule to MDF object (standard / customer specific).

  • use transaction "Configure Object Definitions"

  • select "Object Definition" and Relevant MDF Object

  • click "Take Action" - "Make Correction"

  • go to "Save Rules"

  • select the Business Rule created in the previous step.

Let's Test the Scenario

  • go to employee profile

  • navigate to the MDF object / Portlet on Employee Files

  • click on the "Pencil Icon" and create and save the record

  • once the save is hit, the workflow configuration will trigger the email which was attached to the "Save Rules" in MDF object.

Make sure every employee has a valid email address maintained on their profile to receive the alerts/emails.


This feature allows customers to go with custom notification templates for different scenarios on the same MDF object, which was not feasible with standard notification templates provided by SuccessFactors.


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