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What is Crossboarding?

SAP SuccessFactors Crossboarding is simply Onboarding for internal transfers. All the features and functionality that exists for Onboarding can be utilized for Crossboarding.

Why should we build separate Crossboarding process flow?

Many customers view internal hires as a very rich talent pool and seek to fill open positions with internal talent. As that talent moves around in the organization, they may need different tools and equipment to do their job. They may need to sign additional disclosures or policies. If they are moving between states or countries, because of a job change, they may need to complete additional compliance forms. At the very least, the cultural engagement as the employee moves to their new role should serve to make them feel welcomed and informed. A Crossboarding process flow within the Onboarding module can help with these tasks.

Can we just not send internals through the same process as externals?

The “standard’ onboarding process is typically very US centric; even if you don’t enable I-9 and W-4 tax forms. It is not possible to de-couple the US compliance panels/forms using advanced conditions.

My recommendation would be to create a custom process for internals. So if we want to avoid all the panels and forms as existing for externals and only keep a single panel to process the internals we can do so.

Basically if we consider the internal candidates, overall we may come up with two process steps – such as in demo instance we have Transfer Confirmation and Crossboarding (Internal Employee).

How it works:

Crossboarding can be initiated for internals with following steps:

  1. Initiate Crossboarding – As we initiate Onboarding, we will initiate Crossboarding in a similar manner. The only difference it will be, the system automatically recognizes the internal candidates and move to the Crossboarding processes instead of the Onboarding processes as done for the external employees.

  2. Crossboarding – Different panels can be used as per the client requirements.

  3. Crossboarding Notification – Different notifications can be send to HRIS team, talent team or internal candidates as per the requirements. Sample notification shown in the following pages.


Initiate Crossboarding:

This is very much similar to how we initiate Onboarding in system in today’s date. SuccessFactors system automatically recognizes the candidates as internal and process the Crossboarding steps. We don’t have to do anything from our end to recognize the same



This step involves with single or multiple panels (as per client requirement) and fulfill the data flow from Recruiting to Onboarding without much manual intervention.

  1. Transfer Confirmation – The panel does confirmation with the candidate’s personal data and the department and location where they are getting transfer.


2. Crossboarding – Internal Employee – In this panel we take the personal details of the candidates.

These are custom example. We can build the process with as many panels required and as many processes required. It is up-to the requirement of the client and as consultant takes this. If the required dada can be fulfilled within a single panel and process, then we don’t require many panels and processes.

Finally, after completion of the process, the candidates move to “Manage Pending Hire/Recruit”


Crossboarding Notification:

SAP SuccessFactors, the leader in HCM software on cloud-based HR, automates HR processes and HR administration for many organizations across the globe. This said, notifications on activities and events for HR are often required for performing the activities right in time.

Similarly, it can do the same for Crossboarding. We can define at which process, type and notify whom with the due by date. It all depends on the requirement from the clients’ end.


I know in few days later this will become outdated and we all will prefer Crossboarding 2.0 but while doing the implementation for many clients what I realized there is no such proper implementation guide for Crossboarding 1.0. It is by your experience and knowledge you come up to the stage which I reflected you all via this blog. Hope this will help whoever is there implementing or in a plan to implement Crossboarding 1.0.
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