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In this blog, we will see how to manage Cross portlet between compensation information portlet to the pay component non recurring(one time payment/ Spot Bonus/ Off cycle payment)

  • An employee is to receive a one-time payment when the organization initiates any event against the employee, like transferring the employee from one place to another or a promotion. Based on the entry system, it should automatically update the pay component non-recurring portlet.example: if an employee is transferred from one location to another location, based on the distance between the two locations, the employee should get one-time expenses like one-time relocation expense, displacement allowance, and shifting expense.

Problem Statement:

The business requirement is to update the multiple allowance type in pay component non recurring(one time payment/ Spot Bonus/ Off cycle payment) automatically post workflow.

Solution Provided:

After validating all the challenges and available solutions, I have developed the below solution for my organization, where we can achieve this objective by creating a simple Business rule instead of creating a integration job.

Now let’s go into details of each process step.

The system not support OnChange rules in order to set cross portlet fields. This behavior is only supported with the use of the OnSave Trigger.
Please create your rule and set as On Save on the element in which we see the first if condition value.

step 1: Go to "Configure Business rule"

select the rule scenario category as Employee Central Core

select the rule scenario as Trigger Cross Entry Rule

Choose the Base Object as Compensation information model

Step 2:
create a rule based on your validation.

Based on your validation create the IF condition.

Step 3: Assign the rule in the comp info HRIS element in the manage business configuration as a save rule.

Step 4: Go To "Company System and Logo" Settings transaction

Check whether the above permission is enabled or not

NOTE : For multiple allowances, the above permission should be enabled.

Final Output:

Once any new entry or event is tracked against the employee in compensation information, the post workflow system will trigger the on-save rule and post the amount in the one-time payment portlet.



As a result of reading this blog, you will be able to manage the cross portlet between compensation information and one time payment.

I hope you all will like this write-up and help the new consultants contribute more to their organization. Please review this article and share your feedback if you find it useful.

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