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In my first CRM blog, we completed our campaign landing pages to gather more information on our candidates. In my last blog, we searched and organized our candidates in talent pools we created. Now we need to engage these candidates and target them using email campaigns.

  1. To start we need to enable these new features in our instance. From the Admin Center select Upgrade Center. Under Optional Upgrades, Select Candidate Relationship Management Email Campaign:

  1. Once we perform the upgrade, we need to grant permissions. Under MDF Recruiting Permissions, enable the following:

  • Campaign: Allows users to View, Edit or Import/Export Email Campaigns

  • Campaign Content: Allows users to View, Edit or Import/Export Campaign Email Details

  • Campaign Pool: Allows users to View, Edit or Import/Export Campaign Pools on Email Campaigns

  • Campaign Recipient: Allows users to View, Edit or Import/Export Campaign Recipients on Email Campaigns

  1. Grant Administrator Permissions for under Manage MDF Recruiting Objects:

  • Campaign Limits: Allows user to View, Edit or Import/Export Campaign Limits

  • EmailBrandTemplate: Allows user to View, Edit or Import/Export Campaign Email Templates

  • Marketing Brands: Allows user to View, Edit or Import/Export Marketing Brands

  • Pool Limits: Allows user to View, Edit or Import/Export Pool Limits

  1. Under Manage Recruiting, you will also need the following permissions:

  • Manage Career Site Builder Permission: Allows user to create Email Layouts

  • Administrator Permissions for Email Campaign Content Template: Allows the user permissions to edit the text in branded emails

  1. Before we get into any content, we should configure the email notification options. From Admin Center --> Manage Recruiting Settings. You have the option to select from the following options:

  • Show the “Consent to Marketing Emails” checkbox on account creation and on the candidate profile: this allows a candidate to check “Hear more about career opportunities” when creating a candidate profile

  • Enable Selection of the “Marketing Emails” checkbox by default at account creation: when selecting this, the “Hear more about career opportunities” checkbox will always be checked, so candidates must opt-out to not receive emails

Email Layouts

  1. Now we can start creating our email layouts. These will allow us to build email layouts customized for the type of candidates, positions or email campaigns. This will be the visual aspect, then email templates will then display the text in these email layouts.

  • From Admin Center --> Manage Career Site Builder

  • In Global Settings --> Email Layout --> Select +Add

  • Enter a Name, select Locale & Brand

  • Add Components to your Email Layout in the Details Tab

  • Add a Header Component where you can include you logo and some header text. Under details enter header text & select positioning, add your logo in the logo tab, under the style tab select the background color and text color.

  • In the top right corner, select save and the preview icon.

  • When previewing the template, it will only show the components configure. It will skip the Configurable Text Area, also known as the email template where the text will display. See below how components are configured and how email template will be previewed.

  • Finally, you must activate the template on the details tab:

Campaign Content Templates

  1. Once we complete our email layout, we need to create the email templates (text) to be inserted in these branded emails. From Admin Center --> Manage Email Campaign Content Templates --> New Content Template

  • Give your template a name, email subject and enter the content.

  • To enter tokens, select the 3 dots on the very right on the email body, you can then select recipient field and add the available fields.

  • To enter a link, select the chain link at the top of the text area box.

  • When completed, ensure template is active and select Save.

Email Campaigns

  1. Now that we have all our email templates and layouts set, we just have a couple more steps before we can start sending email campaigns. From the main drop down menu, select Recruiting --> Marketing --> New Email Campaign

  • Enter an Email Campaign Name, you campaign code will auto-generate based on campaign name; this will be displayed in the URL.

  • Enter the From Display Name. Enter a reply name and email address if desired.

  • Select your Email Layout and Content Template

  • Once completed, select save. Feel free to preview the template

  1. Before sending the campaign emails, we need to add users to these campaigns. In the main drop down, select Recruiting --> Candidates --> Talent Pools

  • Select the checkbox beside your talent pool --> select the 3 dots on the very right --> select add to email campaign

  • Start typing the name of your email campaign, and select the campaign when it displays, select submit

  • You will then see a success message that your talent pool was successfully added to the campaign

  • If you wanted to manually add Candidates, under the Candidates Tab in Recruiting, select Keyword and Item Search.

  • Search for candidate (this was covered in my second CRM blog)

  • Once you select the candidate and get directed to their profile, scroll to the bottom right and select +add beside email campaigns

  • Start typing the email campaign name, and select your desired email campaign and submit

  • You will receive a success message that your candidate has been added successfully.

  1. Once we have all our users added to our email campaign. Lets navigate back and send our campaign email to those users. Navigate back to the Marketing Tab under Recruiting.

  • Select your email campaign, and see your update Recipients

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Review Email

  • Review your email & campaign details, then send.

  1. Now that I have sent this campaign email, when I select it I can start viewing analytics on this campaign (under Recruiting --> Marketing --> Select Campaign Email). This will give me information on the campaign details and analytics on email clicks, views, unsubscribes and more.

We have now started engaging our candidates and utilizing the talent in our own ATS system. Over these last three blogs, I have covered a number of ways to start targeting and engaging more candidates. These new functionalities can be used many different ways to help reduce your recruiting pain points. These tools make it easy to place candidates in the right position, and find better fitting candidates by targeting different groups of candidates.

These candidate relationship management tools are very important for recruiting marketing and presenting a strong brand. Branding is an important part in gaining the competitive edge in recruiting, and making your company stand out. Using landing pages, campaigns and the other CRM tools SuccessFactors offers is an easy way to express your employer brand and attract more quality candidates.
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